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Renton Technical College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education. Institutional accreditation consists of a rigorous process of peer review. As part of that process, a full scale evaluation of the College is conducted by the NWCCU on a seven year cycle. The most recent full scale visit took place in October 2003. Additionally, the College receives regular interim evaluations following the full scale evaluation. The last action by the Commission of the College took place in November 2011 with a Year-One Peer Evaluation.

The next full scale accreditation evaluation for Renton Technical College will take place October 16-18, 2013.

2013 Year Seven Peer Evaluation Report (319 KB PDF format)

2013 Year Seven Self-Evaluation Report (137 MB PDF format)

2013 Basic Institutional Data Form (215 KB PDF format)

2011 Year One Peer Evaluation Report (104 KB PDF format)

Fall 2011 Year 1 Self Evaluation Report (162 KB PDF format)

Fall 2010 Report from Focused Interim Visit (300 KB PDF format)

Fall 2010 Focused Interim Visit Report (543 KB PDF format)

October 2008 Report from Regular Interim Visit (3.2 MB PDF format)

2008 Regular Interim Report (1.8 MB PDF format)

October 2003 Report from Full Scale Evaluation (16 MB PDF format)

2003 Institutional Self Study (95MB PDF format)