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Our Students

The majority of our students come from Western Washington. Some come from out of state, and a small number come from foreign countries.

During the 2010-2011 school year, 11,675 students attended RTC. Of these students:

  • 17.3% of all students were enrolled for basic education;
  • 5.3% of all students were transfer students;
  • 76.1% of all students were enrolled in a career training program or to enhance their current job skills.

Our student body is diverse. The median age is 32 years, 41% of students are female, 59% are male and 54% are persons of color or interracial background.

  • Latino/Hispanic, 15%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander 19%
  • African American, 15%
  • Native American, 1%
  • White, 46%

*of those who reported their race