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Welcome to the reports page of the Institutional Research Office at Renton Technical College! On this page you will find links to reports about our RTC student and employee community. Simply click on the link to view the report. Reports can be either printed or downloaded to your computer.

Report Formats

You will need Microsoft Office 2007 to view reports in Excel. Reports in Microsoft Excel 2007 are designed to be interactive. You can choose different student traits and drill down into the data to get information.

PDF format requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.


Renton Technical College Fast Facts

 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 (Pro Forma) RTC Fast Facts (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)

Cohort Snapshot vs. Enrollment Snapshot Reports

A cohort snapshot report shows a group of student that started together in the same year or quarter, and then shows what happened. For example, if a cohort started in 2008, then a cohort report shows the number of completes, withdrawals, and the number still in class. It does not show when they completed their degree or certificate. The continuing student numbers, that is, students who started before the cohort, are not shown either.

Interactive Cohort Persistence Report (in MS Excel 2007)

In contrast, enrollment snapshot programs show the status of students in a given term; however, the students started at different times. It mixes new and continuing students together. In other words, it shows the numbers of students who are present at the college at that time.

Interactive Enrollment Report (in MS Excel 2007)



  • Attainment - a vocational certificate or degree earned by a student.
  • Attrition - when a student drops out of their courses and leaves the college.
  • Retention - Students staying from term to term or a larger time period, such as, Fall Term to Fall Term
  • Persistence - Whether a student has attained a degree or certificate or is still enrolled. Persistence is the number of attainments plus the number still enrolled in class.




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