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Building Guide

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Building Guide A - McCormick B - Allied Health C - Technology Resource Center (TRC) D - Basic Studies Center E - Houser F - Anderson G - Electrical Mechanical H - Business Technology I - Roberts Campus Center J - De Moss K - Greco L - Odem M - Child Care N OC - Off-Campus Center 1-3 Portables P1 - Staff Parking P2 - Student Parking P3 - Student and Carpool Parking P5 - Staff Parking P6 - Staff Parking P7 - Registration/Short-term Visitor Parking P8 - Staff Parking P9 - Student Parking P10 - Student Parking P12 - Student Parking P13 - Student and Staff Parking

A - McCormick

Lathers/Acoustical/Drywall Systems Apprenticeship
Property Maintenance
Roofers Apprenticeship

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B - Allied Health
• Dean, Allied Health
• Director of Nursing
• Associate Dean, Allied Health

Anesthesia Technician
Central Service Technician
Dental Assistant
Massage Therapy Practitioner
Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Surgical Technologist
Veterinary Assistant
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C - Technology Resource Center (TRC)
• Director, Communications & Marketing
• Director, Foundation
• Director, Library

Boeing Classroom
Communications & Marketing
Harry Blencoe Auditorium
McLendon Hardware Conference Room
Open Computer Lab
Renton Rotary Suite
Shannon Parker Media Lab
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D - Basic Studies Center
• Dean, Basic Studies
• Associate Dean, Basic Studies

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
External Diploma Program (EDP)
General Educational Development (GED)
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E - Houser
Heat and Frost Insulators/Asbestos Workers Apprenticeship
Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology
Plasterers Apprenticeship
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F - Anderson
• Dean, Trade & Industry and Apprenticeship
• Director, Construction Center of Excellence

Basic Machining
Computer Numerical Control
Construction Center of Excellence
Construction Management
Machinists Apprenticeship
Multipurpose Science Lab
Precision Machining Tech
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G - Electrical Mechanical

H - Business Technology
• Dean, Business Technology/General Education/Education and Human Services
• Director, Workforce Development

Accounting Programs
Administrative Office Management
Certified Office Professional
Computer Applications
Conference Center
Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant
Licensed Practical Nurse
Medical Office Programs
Nursing Lab
Registered Nurse
Workforce Development
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I - Roberts Campus Center
• Dean, Culinary Arts
• Dean, Student Services
• Director, Enrollment Services
• Director, Financial Aid
• Director, Grant Development

Culinaire Express
Culinary Arts

Culinaire Room
Financial Aid
Mailroom/Print Shop
Professional Baking
Student Success Center
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J - De Moss
• Director, Financial Services
• Director, Human Resource Development
• Director, Information Technology
• Director, Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
• Director, Student Programs & Engagement

Applications Developer
Autodesk Training Center
Band Instrument Repair Technology
Business Office
Civil CADD
Computer Network Technology
Computer Science
Engineering Design Technology
Human Resource Development
Information Technology
Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
Instructor Resource Room
Land Surveying
Ophthalmic Assistant
Student Leadership
Tele-Video Conference Center
Testing Center
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K - Greco
• Dean, Automotive, Technical Programs/eLearning

Automotive/Ford ASSET (K2)
Autobody Repair & Refinishing (K1)
Automotive Quad Classrooms (K3)
Automotive Service Technician/ITEC (K4)
Automotive Technology (K2, K4)
Custodial Manager
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L - Odem
Carpenters Apprenticeship

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• Director, Plant Operations
• Director, Security & Public Safety

Campus Security
Early Childhood Careers

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Parking Areas
P1 - Staff Parking
P2 - Student Parking
P3 - Student and Carpool Parking
P4 - Staff Parking
P5 - Staff Parking
P6 - Staff Parking
P7 - Visitor & Staff Parking
P8 - Staff Parking
P9 - Student Parking
P10 - Student Parking
P11 - Staff Parking
P12 - Student & Staff Parking
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