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Kathy Leviton

My career in the dental profession began in 1970. After 14 years of working in private practice and at the University of Washington Dental School, I was recruited as a consultant for Renton Vocational Technical Institute. My task was to facilitate a Needs Assessment Survey in the Puget Sound Area to determine whether a Dental Assistant Program was warranted and/or if program graduates would find employment. At the conclusion of that process, I developed an advisory committee and supported the efforts of the school’s administration relative to the development and implementation of the program.

In 1983 I was named the instructor of the program and began the arduous task of National Accreditation. I was appointed to the position of Program Director during this accreditation process. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University, DANB certification, and memberships in a variety of professional organizations. I have enjoyed these affiliations as they have allowed me to pursue my passion for continuous improvement through professional/political action groups. In 1992, I received recognition with the President’s award from the Washington Vocational Association.

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Phone: (425) 235-2352x5560

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