EnviroStars is a program in King County that certifies companies based on their practices and
policies that demonstrate commitment to protecting the environment by properly managing and
reducing hazardous waste.  The public can more easily identify businesses that are working to be
environmentally responsible by their EnviroStars logo.  Certified businesses must continue to meet
qualification standards through an ongoing renewal process.  For more information on EnviroStars,
visit their web page at www.envirostars.org

Renton Technical College was one of the first colleges in the Northwest to actively pursue EnviroStars certification.
The following programs are currently EnviroStars certified (out of 5-star maximum rating):

¶¶¶¶¶ Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology RTC Ford Asset Achieve 5-Star Rating with EnviroStars
¶¶¶¶¶ Ford ASSET
¶¶¶¶   Autobody Paint Shop
¶¶¶¶   Auto Tech Year One
¶¶¶¶   Auto Tech Year Two
¶¶¶¶   ITEC Auto Tech
¶¶¶¶   Dental Assistant