Useful Links to Green Resources

Links to Green websites and useful information.

The Climate Project (Non-Profit Organization whose mission it is to increase global warming awareness)
Official website of the Al Gore documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"
EnviroStars Certification Program
The Seattle Times' Climate Challenge
Home Energy Saver (Web-based tool for calculating residential energy use)
GreenFILE - Free research database of articles from EBSCOhost
The Recycling IQ Game (© City of Seattle)
"College Campuses Are Going Green" (© Seattle Post Intelligencer)
Focus the Nation Project
"Colleges Graded on Environmental Practices" (© USA Today)
"College Sustainability Report Card" (© Sustainable Endowments Institute)
Scientists Agree: Humans Causing Global Warming (© Seattle Times)
Earth 911: Making Every Day Earth Day
Energy Star:  (a U.S. Environment Protection Agency focused on products, homes, and building and plants)