Make A Difference On Campus!

(Please note the following information applies to RTC employees and students only. 
Renton Technical College does not serve as a recycling agent on behalf of the community.
Visit the City of Renton's web site for more information on community recycling options.)
Recycle batteries originating from college use by contacting your Department Director/Manager or the Dean of your program.
Recycle your print toner cartridges and copier cartridges through the RTC Bookstore. Questions?  You can drop in and talk to bookstore staff, or send an e-mail to
The recycling bins on campus are designed to accept mixed recycling – aluminum, paper, and plastic together.  The only material we aren’t able to recycle on campus is glass.  For additional quick-reference, you can print the RTC Recycling Brochure (PDF). 
Re-use of campus items:  if you have an item used here at the college which you no longer use, but think others could, offer it via a global email first before recycling or discarding.  Some recent examples include print cartridges and toner you can not use, outdated stationery, packing boxes, bubble wrap and packaging peanuts, parts organizer cabinets, etc. 
Conserve Energy:  please make a point to check for open exterior doors and windows in your area, especially at the end of the day.  Turn off lights when not in use and encourage others to do the same.  When you consider the combination of electric, water, and HVAC utilities in use on a campus of our size, you can be assured that these extra steps make a real difference in reducing costs.  Watch for more details to come on the progress being made in this area alone!
Reduce Paper Waste:  Most printers in open labs provide for double-sided printing as a default.  Hewlett Packard printers with a “D” in their model # (HP5500DN or HP4200DTN) have duplex capabilities, for example.   These model numbers are imprinted on the front of the printer itself.   Even if your printer does not have that capability, you can still save paper by creating a re-use stack of paper from any extra copies that were printed.
Accepting Donated Items:  please contact the Foundation Office first before accepting or distributing donated or recycled items.  They will be able to provide appropriate evaluation and direction, depending on the item.  In some cases there are legal requirements that must be adhered to, so this isn’t simply a matter of coordination.