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Deciphering Medspeak

A quick guide to understanding medical terms.   


Human Anatomy Online

Interactive graphics and animations of ten systems, including digestive, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive. 



Research disease and wellness information in journal articles or a medical encyclopedia, check for drug information, or check your spelling in a medical dictionary.  Also see their interactive health tutorials.

An online medical dictionary. Or see Medical Glossary.


Merck Source Resources Library

Under "Interactive Learning" click on "Interactive Body Guide" to see an excellent tutorial on twelve anatomical systems.


Physical Exam Study Guides - from the University of Florida.

How to examine vital signs, back and extremities, chest and lung, head and eyes, abdomen, breasts, pelvis, and other physical and neurological systems.





Biology Project

DNA forensics, color blindness and frogs! Covers biochemistry, cell biology, human biology, developmental biology and more. Read about a topic, check out related web sites, and test yourself on your understanding.

Post biology questions, check the biology dictionary, take a biology tutorial to make sure you understand your subject.



A site developed to teach about the biology of cancer. Includes sections on cell biology and cancer biology.


Directory of Open Access Journals - Biology

Need a journal article on a biology topic?  This site offers free  access to biology journal. Over 90 titless listed.


MIT Biology Hypertextbook

The online book used by MIT's "Introductory Biology" course.


List of RTC Library Books By or About Scientists






Links to sites on the different branches of chemistry (biological chemistry, analytic chemistry), to sites focused on different compounds or elements), chemistry suppliers, important people and schools of chemistry, and many other chemistry topics.



Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry, and more. A UK site.


Chemical Heritage Foundation

Explore the history of chemistry. Includes the site Women in Chemistry, which discusses the achievements of women in the field. 


Free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry

Looking for articles on chemistry topics? Try this free internet database, or  ProQuest, on the RTC Library's Online database page.


Periodic Table of the Elements

Click on an Atomic Symbol, and you will be sent to a page with history, source, handling, properties, costs, uses, and much more information about the element.





Earthquake History of Cascadia (Washington, Oregon, and Southern British Columbia

See maps of the largest earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest.  Find out what the Native Americans recorded about earthquakes.

A geology dictionary, US Geological Service maps, Geology news, satellite images, and even extraterrestrial geology.


Significant Earthquake Database

By NOAA.  A database of destructive earthquakes. Sort by date, location, quake magnitude, number of deaths, dollar amount of damage done, etc.  


United States Geological Survey

National Atlas of the US (with printable maps), WaterWatch (stream levels throughout the US), earthquake information, databases of geological information, and more.


USGS Volcanic Hazards Program

Find out about types of volcanoes, how volcanoes erupt, where they are located, and more. Includes a photo glossary of terms, videos of eruptions, and frequently asked questions.


Volcano World

Pictures, news about current eruptions and more.  For basic volcano information.





American Society for Microbiology

Under "Learn About Microbiology" (on the left of the screen) see the links to Microbe Magazine and Weekly NewsDigest.


Life Science Glossary

A dictionary of thousands of life sciences terms, covering developmental biology, genetic, cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetic, and biochemistry terms.


Medical Microbiology

A free, online text book of microbiology.  Supported by the University of Texas. Click on "Table of Contents" to see the links to chapter headings.

Articles on current microbiology topics, plus links to pages about food microbiology, medical and veterinary microbiology, industrial microbiology, and other related topics.



Information on what microbiology is about and what microbiologists do, plus current issues in microbiology.




Sponsored by the USDA, this site includes, among other useful items, a "Kids BMI Calculator", a "Kids Energy Calculator", and posters on healthy portion size and reading food labels.

Links to information on dietary guidelines, food labels, and the National Nutrient Database (listing nutrients for more than 6,000 foods.)


Nutrition Source

Harvard School of Public Health web page. Research on fats, protein, fiber, fruits and vegetables, the food pyramid and more.

Tools to help you estimate your daily calorie needs and count your calories. Also see "Fast Food Facts" for information about eating.  Offers assistance in modifying recipes to replace unhealthy ingredients.


Nutrition Country Profiles

Selected international food and nutrition profiles, including some information on agriculture, health, and demographic features of the featured country.


Washington State Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

WIC is the Washington State program to support good nutrition for pregnant women, infants, and children. Check this site for nutrition hints, and information on who is eligible for WIC assistance.



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