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Educational Media

This three-times a year news letter is published by the Renton Technical     College Library. It is intended to  spotlight  RTC Library media resources, and issues regarding the use of  educational media—videos, DVDs, audiotapes, software, and other electronic resources.

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please call the library at (425) 235-2331, or email Laura Staley at




Use Videos to Teach Workplace Safety

True story:  A Darigold(TM) plant in Belgrade, MT  stored the crushed

vehicle an employee had been driving when he was involved in a fatal accident in the company parking lot. Plant employees speculated that this was a tasteless attempt to emphasize the importance of workplace safety.  There was enough speculation that it became a story in the newspapers. 


There are better ways to teach safety.  Videos and DVDs can help.  They allow you to demonstrate dangerous situations without recreating them in your classroom.  They allow you to rerun a sequence of events several times, stopping to point out places where different actions can lead to safer results. 


(One thing videos may not do well is cover local safety standards. Each of these resources needs to be reviewed before you show them, to make sure they don’t offer advice that conflicts with state laws.)


This edition of Educational Media is devoted to videos and DVDs that teach safe work practices and proper emergency response.


For safety in any setting—videos on using fire extinguishers, giving CPR, preventing hearing loss, and using Materials Safety Data Sheets—see page two.  Videos on safe lifting and carrying are covered at the bottom of that same page.

To read about construction safety videos, see the article below. For videos about health care safety, see page three.  Page three also offers videos about safety in the office, and on terrorism response.


On page four, we list a few Spanish language safety titles.


And finally, some titles you probably didn’t know we had!  One video looks at how schools can develop  crisis plans—preparing for a disaster before it happens.  And another teaches you how to evade ambushes while driving!



Construction Safety Essentials—25 minutes. Live action and some animation. Aimed at  site workers. Different types of hazards on the construction site: including housekeeping, heights, electricity, fire, excavations, confined spaces, lifting. Includes a trainer’s guide. MEDIA 690.22 CONSTRU 2001s 

Construction Safety Management Day by Day is aimed at construction managers. It offers a complete safety program from new employee orientation to on-the-job safety meetings. MEDIA 690.22 CONSTRU 2005s

Cranes, Hoists, and Slings - 15 minutes.  Covers what can go wrong when working with lifting equipment, how to  work safely around cranes and lifts, doing pre-operation checks, assessing the load,  and the proper chains and hooks used with cranes. Includes a trainers guide. MEDIA  621.873 CRANES 1999

Excavation Safety23 minutes.  OSHA requires that a specially trained “competent person” must be designated to deal with the hazards of excavations over five feet deep. This video looks at a few of the things that person must consider. Topics include soil analysis, site and tool safety, traffic issues, air quality and protective systems.  MEDIA 624.152 ESCAVAT 1997s.

Powered Hand Tool Safety— 18 minutes. Covers using the right tool for the job in the correct manner, keeping tools in good repair, general and electrical safety tips, and using Personal Protective Equipment. Also includes  tips for safe operation of die grinders, drills, sanders, and other tools. MEDIA 621.9 POWERED 2002h

Working Safety at Heights  17 minutes. Presents information on safe work practices, doing risk assessments (the risk of people falling, and of objects falling on people), safety equipment such as scaffolds, fall arrest systems, and ladders. MEDIA 363.11 WORKING



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