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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at

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Safety Titles in Spanish

Practicas de seguridad y sanitarias para los soldadores  (The safety and health of welders.) Welding safely. Avoiding electrical shock, fires.   MEDIA 671.5212 PRACTIC 1991s.

Esenciales de seguridad de trabajo  (The essentials of security at  work.) Personal protective equipment and working in confined spaces.  MEDIA 363.11 ENSENCI 1999d

Levantar peso correctamente en la industria   (Safe lifting for industry.) How to lift safely, how to assess risks, and exercises to strengthen the body.  MEDIA   363.11 LEVANTA 1998p

Equipo de proteccion personal.  (Personal protective equipment.)  How to choose PPE, and how to store and maintain it.  MEDIA 620.860284 EQUIPO 1999 SPANISH


Bet You Didn't Know We Had These

Counterambush: Driving Skills and Evasion Techniques—60 minutes. Live action.  This rather lurid video shows how to avoid or evade ambushes, assassinations, terrorism or other emergencies on the road, in the U.S. or abroad. The production values are low, but the information is interesting.  (Warning: this video features some graphic pictures of  ambushes. It also has a short clip of Saddam Hussein.) MEDIA 629.283 COUNTER 1991

Developing a crisis plan—39 minutes.  Live action. How to create a plan to deal with disasters at school.  The focus is K-12, but there is useful information for higher education  planners. The video covers the student and facilities information schools need to collect in order to design a plan. It also covers planning for injuries and personnel evacuation, notifying the authorities, and dealing with the news media.  MEDIA 371.7 DEVELOP 2001c

Engineering Disasters—Live action with some animation. An excellent demonstration of the kinds of things that can go unexpectedly wrong and endanger workers. RTC Library carries four of these videos. They examine  disasters—usually those where engineering failures  were a major factor. Volume 4 (MEDIA 620 ENGINEE 2003d) covers the November 1990 sinking of the Lake Washington floating bridge.

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