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Educational Media
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Interviewing Effectively


The first “soft skill” most employers see is one many of us find struggle with: effective job interviewing techniques.


No-Brainers on Interviewing. Call number:  650.14 NO-BRAI 1998i  The educational comedy group Standard Deviants created this video. It addresses these questions: What are you going to say?  What should you wear? What should you do before the interview? Afterwards? Plus the importance of doing your pre-interview homework, responding to a job offer and salary negotiations.  It also discusses  what employers look for in job candidates.  60 minutes.  If you want this material, plus a section on resumes and cover letters, use the DVD  Get that Job,  by the same company.  Call number: 650.14 GET-TH 2002j.


Interviewing Skills for Job Candidates with Learning or Other Hidden Disabilities. Call number: 650.14087 INTERVI 1997L.  Many job hunters with disabilities wonder: when should I mention my disability? Should I mention it at all?  What kinds of things should I look for when looking at potential employers?  25 minutes. If the disability is visible, see Interviewing Skills for Job Seekers with Physical Disabilities. Call number: 650.14087 INTERVI 1998p. 21 minutes.


Con-Nections Presents Ace the Interview:  Interview Survival Skills for Youthful Offenders. Call number: 650.14 CON-NEC 2004.  This  DVD offers basic tips on  what to wear, how to behave, and how to respond to inevitable interviewer questions about an offender’s past and their employment suitability.  It is aimed at  teens and 20-somethings, but the segment on discussing a criminal record can be useful to all ages. 20 minutes.




A Light Bender is someone who shapes neon lights into various shapes.


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