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Educational Media

This three-times a year news letter is published by the Renton Technical     College Library. It is intended to  spotlight  RTC Library media resources, and issues regarding the use of  educational media—videos, DVDs, audiotapes, software, and other electronic resources.

If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please call the library at (425) 235-2331, or email Laura Staley at

This issue’s trivia regarding was selected  from: 15,003 Answers: The Ultimate Trivia Encyclopedia. By S. Newman and H. Fittipaldi. New York, Random House,  2007. 







Writing a Resume, Crafting a Cover Letter


The joy of graduation is frequently followed by the doldrums of job hunting.  In this issue of Educational Media, we look at some library and Internet resources that aimed at helping the new job seeker.


“The average resume is looked at for 8 seconds.” 


“Keep it short and simple.”


That’s useful resume writing information, and it comes from the video and DVD listed below.


Get That Job. DVD.  Produced by the educational comedy troupe Standard Deviants, this 90 minute DVD covers all aspects of job hunting, from resume and cover letter writing, to dressing for the interview and negotiating a salary. The chapters are quick and amusing, a painless way to teach students the serious business of job hunting.  650.14 GET-TH 2002j


Resumes, Cover Letters and Portfolios: Tools to Land the Job. Video. A more serious review of  the resume and portfolio.  This video looks at  three types of resumes—chronological, functional and a combination of the two—and helps you decide which would work best for you. Also included is information about creating a resume intended to be scanned. 650.14 RESUMES 1999rc


Want to see several thousand resume samples? RTC Library has nearly 100 books on resumes including these:


Competency Based Resumes: How to bring Your Resume to the Top of the Pile. Book Stacks: 650.142 KESSLER 2005 


Career Coward’s Guide to Resume: Sensible Strategies for Overcoming Job Search Fears. Book Stacks: 650.142 PIOTROW 2008


Killer Cover Letters and Resumes: Wetfeet Insider Guide. Book Stacks: 650.142 Killer 2008c


Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Resume. Book Stacks: 650.142 KESSLER 2005 


There are many online sources of resume help. WorkSource Washington offers many useful tips on resume writing, including:


Resume Components


Write a Scanable Resume


The Job Searching Cover Letter Samples page also offers several excellent examples.


Or try, which categorizes its letters by field of employment—Accounting cover letters, assistant cover letters, etc.


And take a look at’s cover letter writing tips:




Trivia:  Job seekers may have to relocate, but there’s no need to go somewhere boring.  Consider  moving to these world capitals:

• Barbed Wire Capital of the World – La Crosse  KA.

• Frog Capital of the World – Rayne  LA

• Hubcap Capital of the World – Pearsonville, CA

• Killer Bee Capital of the World – Hidalgo, TX

• Shark Tooth Capital of the World – Venice FL

• Horseradish Capital of the World– Collinsville, IL





Job Listings on the Internet



Many people find their new jobs on the Internet.  Since most jobs are only posted on one or two websites, it’s advantageous to  search several sites on a daily basis. We recommend these:


The Community & Technical College system offers a dedicated job search site called  Interfase. .  For more information, see the article on the Student Success Center below.


Worksource Washington is a site created by Employment Security, unions and business organizations to offer a central job database, plus help with resumes, cover letters and other job search skills.


Craig’s List is filling the place that used to be held by newspaper want ads. Many jobs are posted here that never show up in Worksource Washington.


Criminals also troll the web, so students should be reminded to exercise caution about transmitting personal details when they use these sources.  Craigslist is less carefully vetted than Interfase or Worksource Washington, so students need to be extra careful about what they post or respond to here.


You still can search newspaper classified ads.  NWJobs offers online searching for jobs advertised in the Seattle Times (and the Seattle PI, for as long as it lasts.)


There are a number of useful national job search sites: Two that top many favorites lists are ( ) and     Indeed ( ).


Finally, RTC Library offers a page called “Job Links on the Internet” including city and county jobs, links to several national job search engines not mentioned here, and healthcare jobs. .






These resources offer advice on how to dress for an interview,  interview etiquette, and how to answer some difficult questions.


Sell Yourself: Successful Job Interviewing.  650.144 SELL-Y 1999. Shine during the five parts of the interview:  the opening, questions and answers, job explanation, salary negotiations, and the closing. The bad examples should entertain the class.


Several Library DVDs cover special circumstances:


Interviewing Skills for Job Candidates with Learning or Other Hidden Disabilities. 650.14087 INTERVI 1997L.


Interviewing Skills for Jobs Seekers with Physical Disabilities. 650.14087 INTERVI 1998p.


The Best 10 1/4 Tips for People with a Not So Hot Past. (Discussing prior convictions during a job interview.) 650.144 BEST-10 2000.


Or try YouTube’s “How to Prepare for a Job Interview: Popular Job Interview—offering a good answer for a common question: “Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.”




Trivia:  The Museum of Bad Art in Deadham, MA, is devoted to ”the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.” Of course it has a web site: .







Starting the New Job



In order to keep that new job, workers have  to give their employer what they need.  So what do employers need?


Basic Skills: The Key to Getting Hired.  Technical skills get you hired, soft skills get you fired. Use this DVD to remind students about the basic qualities employers expect:  Reliability, honesty, motivation.  650.14 BASIC 1998s 


Get Ready in Your Job.  How to prepare yourself—and everyone else involved—for a new job. This DVD includes such tips as making sure you know what you’ll be wearing (uniform or not), confirming exactly where and when you’re supposed to report, ensuring that any childcare arrangements have been made, and learning the company’s expectations and culture.  It covers that second chance to make a good impression—your first day on the job. 650.14 GET-R 2006i.


Get Ahead in Your Job.  Now that you’ve got the job, how do you advance in the company?   This DVD offers tips to on creating  a career development strategy, getting a raise, and getting promotions.  650.14  GET-AH 2006i.





RTC Student Success Center



The RTC Student Success Center (SCC) offers many services to help students find a job.  One service is Interfase; a job search website provided by the college.  Students go to , register and—as soon as they are approved— may search for jobs listed by companies who are looking for technical and community college graduates.


The SSC also offers job search assistance. They will give workshops in your classroom on resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, filling out applications and more.  They offer mock interviews, so students can get extra practice before they face a prospective employer.  They will even help students fill out job applications.

If students need to use a phone or fax for employment related inquiries, the SCC can oblige.  For more information, please contact Michelle Iko at (425) 235-2352  x7785 or at



Trivia:  Savoonga, Alaska is the Walrus Capital of the World.





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