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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at

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Computer Network Technician Students


Bill Sanderson and his Computer Network Technician students have their own website,, with a professional design, lively graphics, a members-only forum, and even an online store offering hats, mugs, and shirts with the CNT logo.

“The site allows students to put themselves in a professional context.” Bill says.  “It gives them the chance to learn about using the web from a network administrator’s perspective.  They learn how to configure and implement servers so that people can host web sites on them.”

When Bill began the site in 2001-02, it was hosted by a commercial Internet service provider. Today, it’s located on servers on the lower floor of J building.  Bill is the webmaster.

The site complements the facilities the college provides.  It is a source of useful professional information and a way for students and alumni to keep in touch. “The students are the alumni’s future work force, and the alumni are the students’ future employers. The idea is to get them to network. The sharing of job leads and opportunities is very important.”

The site also offers a place to promote the program and RTC. “I put up information about the program in the public areas.”

Bill also uses the site to give his students online tests.  “I put the materials in the forum. You have to be registered to access them. Then  they log on and take the tests in class.”

The CNT website is located at


Web Site Design Tutorials! Free! On the Web!

There are many excellent free Internet sites that can help you learn to create or enhance a web site for your students. These are a few favorites:  -  You can use web authoring software, like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, but it helps to understand the code behind the pages.  This link is to a very basic HTML tutorial.  Learn the basics here—it may help when the software isn’t doing what you expect. Web Design/HTML  - Articles for all levels of web site designers, from beginning to expert. There are free templates—just add your content.  There are tutorials on HTML, XML and Cascading style sheets.  It’s an ad-heavy site, so expect many pop-ups.

Intranet Journal Tutorial Page    -  Tips and tutorials on FrontPage and Dreamweaver, firewalls and XML.  Home Page Construction— Starts with basic HTML and works it’s way up to Flash and Java script. This is a service of Tech Corps, a non-profit organization offering computer and internet training to US teachers.


RTC Library Videos & CD-Roms on

Building Web Sites

RTC Library has a number of great resources on designing and creating a web site. Below are a few of those titles:

Making your website work for your user—with Michael Gold - When it comes to web sites, “simple and intuitive” is better than “flashy”.  Call Number: 025.04 BEST 2003m  (video)

Getting the Balance right—Navigation, usability and content management techniques with Brian Sullivan  - What works best for  your users—site map or search box?  How to make your web site really accessible.  Call Number: 025.04 BEST 2003g (video) 

 Staying out of trouble with Jon Hart Understand common legal issues in web publishing.   Call Number: 343.0999 BEST 2003s (video)

Site DesignerThis 4 volume CD-Rom set is designed for the learner who wants expert level training in web design. Call Number: Reserve Desk 025.04 SITE-DE 2002       


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