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Plumbers, Pipefitters and Refrigeration *

The Work
Plumbers, steamfitters, pipefitters, and refrigeration fitters are all craft people who install piping systems that carry water, steam, air and other liquids or gases necessary for sanitation, industrial production, heating and air conditioning, and many other uses. They also alter, remodel and repair existing piping systems and install plumbing fixtures, radiators and other heating units, some appliances, as well as refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Workers measure, cut and bend pipe, weld, braze, caulk, solder, glue and thread joints at residential and commercial job sites.

Working Conditions
Plumbers and pipefitters are sometimes required to work in high places or in confined areas. Also, because much of the work is performed outdoors, they may be exposed to adverse weather conditions. Repair work is often during an emergency and might be in dark, wet and cramped conditions in ditches, under houses and in other difficult situations.

The Apprenticeship
This program, depending upon trade, requires 6,000 - 10,000 hours of on-the-job training. Additionally, all apprentices are required to attend 216 hours of related training classes each year, scheduled days or evenings.

Apprenticeship Entry Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • High school diploma
  • Valid Washington state driver’s license
  • Must score at least the following on: COMPASS test or ASSET test
    • Writing 23
    • Writing 35
    • Reading 70
    • Reading 38
    • Numerical 50
    • Numerical 42
* Degree Required

To apply, contact one of the following:
Plumbers and Pipefitters
Jeff Zielinski
(425) 271-5900

Dale Wentworth
(425) 271-5900
Jennie Grant, Assistant

Seattle Area Pipe Trades
Education Center 595 Monster Rd SW, #100
Renton WA 98055



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