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eLearning for Educators


Many Community College faculty members - although they are experts in their fields - have little or no background in teaching. And once they start teaching, they have little time or energy to enroll in a regular degree program. This 8-week online program allows New and “Still-Feel-New” faculty to get the basics they need in their first years of teaching. This series focuses on teaching necessities such as syllabus writing, finding and choosing materials, class planning, and outcomes and assessments. It also covers classroom management, communication, and engagement with diverse adult learners. Participants will have a valuable opportunity to network with other faculty across the system as they build their skills. This is an affordable, practical program taught by a team of experienced educators that addresses the Skills Standards for Professional-Technical College Instructors.

A two-part series of online courses; each part is 4 weeks long. Student time commitment is approximately-3 hours a week per course (6 hours weekly.) Total CEU for the program: 6 (48 clock hours). This is offered to SBCTC faculty statewide, and is taught in Canvas platform.

This year’s program starts June 2nd; email RTC eLearning Director Liz Falconer, to register.

Course Outcomes and Instructor Bios

Exploration I: The Teaching Mindset June 2nd- June 30th, 2014

  1. Construct a Pathway to Success
  2. Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Planning and Assessing Learning

Exploration II: Your Classroom July 8 – Aug. 5th, 2014

  1. 3. Find your Footing: Teaching Practices and Classroom Management
  2. 4. Connect with Intent: Cultural Diversity and Student Engagement

Courses cost: $280.00 for each 2-course Exploration ($560.00 total).

eLearning for Educators

Certificate in eLearning Design & Development for Community College Educators - Fully Online

This fully online six-course certificate aims to prepare the community college and technical college educator to design and teach eLearning courses. Both new and experienced faculty will benefit from these practical courses essential for successful teaching in the online environment, from eLearning design principles, alignment principles, building community, and creating media and incorporating technology. The culminating project will be the completion of a course in online or hybrid format that will be peer-reviewed. It counts for a total of 18 CEU (Continuing Education Units). Each course is 32 OSPI clock hours.

COST: $215.00 per course.
Q&A and Instructor Bios.

There are two enrollment options:

  1. Fast Track: 8-month completion: Take two courses at a time for completion in 8 months.
  2. Relaxed Track: 21-month completion: Take one course at a time (Course 1, 3, 5 the first year; Course 2, 4, 6 the second year for completion in a little less than 2 years). Non-certificate students who choose to take single courses should enroll in this option.

Enroll Online
1) Fill out the form and submit. 2) Payment due before course start date.

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WINTER QUARTER 2014 (Courses run Jan. 13 - March 10):

  1. eLearning in the Community College: This is a survey-style style course that explores different online format options along with evolving technologies and how they are intertwined. It will also take a look at current changes in higher education and society at large. The range of student needs and how to best meet them will also be discussed. 3 Continuing Education Units, 32 OSPI clock hours.
  2. Course Design and Implementation: This class will focus on creating course design for student success. From navigational concerns to alignment of course and unit objectives, students will begin the process of course layout. 3 Continuing Education Units, 32 OSPI clock hours.

    (Culminating project outline due end of quarter) *Year 2 for option 2

SPRING QUARTER 2014 (Courses run April 13 - June 10):

  1. Reaching Every Learner: This course will explore ways to keep our diverse and busy adult students engaged and motivated by creating pathways to success. Utilizing a variety of readings and activities, students will discover methods for creating an effective and relevant online class. 3 Continuing Education Units, 32 OSPI clock hours.
  2. Information Literacy for Online Educators: This course covers how to find and evaluate information, OER, and understanding copyright law. 3 Continuing Education Units, 32 OSPI clock hours.

    (Culminating project rough draft due at end of quarter) *Year 2 for option 2.

SUMMER QUARTER 2014 (Courses run July 14 - Sept. 8):

  1. Media Creation and Technology Integration: This class will focus on ways to make use of current technology tools, apps, and websites for your subject. Students will also create their own personalized videos for the flipped, hybrid or online class. This will be closely aligned with each participant’s culminating project. 3 Continuing Education Units, 32 OSPI clock hours.
  2. Culminating Project: The Culminating project will be a completed online or hybrid class made available in the Canvas format. Each course will reflect the main components of the certificate courses. The projects will be peer-reviewed. 3 Continuing Education Units, 32 OSPI clock hours.

For information and support, contact the eLearning team at