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Why You Should Consider the Computer Science Degree Program at Renton Technical College

Employers and job placement firms in the Seattle area, show a STRONG preference for a college degree from an accredited college, combined with specific job experience. This keeps many people out of the high tech workplace. The Computer Science Program is a two year, accredited program at Renton Technical College (RTC), leading first to a Certificate, and then, with the completion of 4 General Education classes, to an Associates Degree. Students attend full-time, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for their 2 years. This includes a short Summer session. Our program will give you a good background in 5 areas of the computer field, Hardware/Networking, Software Applications, Programming, Database, and Web Design. Our curriculum is more than 90% compliant with what the IEEE Computer Society has published as a model curriculum for Computer Science, which is a strongly respected degree in the workplace. All students in the Computer Science program will also earn a Certificate as a  Applications Developer, after successfully completing the first year of the program. We also have an option to specialize in Medical Informatics within our Computer Science program. As for the specific job experience, we constantly encourage students to gain specific experience, in the Seattle area, WHILE STILL IN SCHOOL, through the use of real-world projects, internships, and cooperative education. At RTC, you can get a world-class education, which aims you perfectly at the job that you want after graduation!

Our low teacher-student ratio, and the availability of instructors and peer tutors during the entire day, helps to keep students from ever being “left behind”. While already costing less than private colleges and universities, we also offer financial aid and scholarships for qualified students who need help paying for their classes.

You may enter our program either at the start of the Fall Quarter, or the start of the Winter Quarter.

Job Placement:
Our recent graduates are working at:

Avanade Consulting
Lucid8 Software
Imate Corporation
King County
City of Renton
ParCom Internet Hosting
Redmond Technical Associates
Other Seattle and Renton area Engineering Firms
Other Seattle and Renton area Consulting Firms
Other Seattle and Renton area Aerospace Firms

Some start their own businesses after graduating!

Their job titles include:
Computer Software Engineer
Software Developer
Computer Programmer
Network Engineer
Web Page Programmer/Developer
Database Developer
Computer Software Tester
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Systems Engineer
Computer Consultant
ASP Developer

For more information about our program, including information about your instructors, more detailed information about each class, and information and links to apply for scholarships, see our Computer Science website at:

Don’t have a computer, or an Internet connection? That’s OK, go to the Renton Technical College Library, or other Renton or Seattle area library, and ask a librarian to show you how to connect to our website for free, right from the library!

If you still have questions, and want to talk to a live person, contact one of our four instructors. Their email addresses and phone numbers are listed on the Instructor Pages at the website listed, above. We will always respond and answer your questions.

Why Come Here?

Diverse Student Body-
We specialize in helping students from diverse backgrounds achieve success. Our students are literally ages 16 to 60, from various countries and cultures, with various levels of experience. Some are changing their careers, some are changing their lives. We welcome them all, and lead them through a structured program for two years, teaching them what they need to know to be successful in the computer field, and get jobs with employers in the Renton and Seattle area.

Small Class Size-
You will be with the same instructors and the same group of students for the entire two years. The ratio is from 15 to 24 students per instructor, and will never be any higher. Because of this, the typical student feels a tremendous amount of support from the Instructors and the other students. It will be the start of your own professional network of computer professional colleagues in the field, after you graduate!

Emphasis on Hands-On Projects-
Most of our students say that they like the fact that our program places an emphasis on hands-on projects, and always stresses the tie-in to real life needs in the workplace.

Reasonable Cost-
While the quality of this program is high, the cost of this program is less than similar programs at 4-year state institutions, and significantly cheaper than private colleges and universities.


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