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Student & Alumni Testimonials

From the Executive Assistant Program
at Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College measures success by the achievements of its students. With the highest completion rate in the state and a 75% job placement rate for graduates, Renton Technical College offers the skills you need for a successful education and career.

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Sarah Cristian Ann

Sarah's Story

The Certified Office Professional program has opened up so many opportunities for me that I wouldn't have had without the proper training and education. A lot of other job applicants my age have not earned Microsoft certification, so this gives me a great advantage in my job search. I am also able to help teach people in my office some of the Outlook features that they were unable to figure out before (such as requesting a Read Receipt). It is a great and fulfilling feeling to be able to help other employees learn some Outlook features!

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Cristian's Story

Being in the Certified Office Professional Program really tested my communication and writing skills. The program has helped me further my knowledge in Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. I feel confident that I will be able to present myself professionally when I’m out looking for a job.

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Ann's Story

Earning a degree is important to get a job in many fields. As an older person starting a second career, it may also be important for me to have supporting certifications. To complement my associate's degree as an executive assistant, I also earned a certification in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Along with my degree, this certification may give me an advantage over a younger applicant if we apply for the same executive assistant position.

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