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Professional Technical Education

The Professional Technical Education AAS-T provides a structured degree pathway in education for post-secondary professional-technical educators, providing them with an educational continuum toward a baccalaureate in education. The degree structure – designed around the Washington State Skill Standards for Professional-Technical College and Customized Trainers – provides leadership and technical skills beyond those required for professional-technical certification. 

The curriculum for this program is entirely competency based, with skills and their associated tasks mirroring industry and Skill Standards requirements. The curriculum is designed as a series of discreet  extended learning courses, thusly, is not offered as a full-time immersion program. Students are rated according to their mastery of these skills/tasks at predetermined industry standards of performance. 

This program is designed specifically for post-secondary professional-technical educators who are employed on a 50 percent or greater basis.

Program Options:

  • Associate of Applied Science - Transfer Degree

Other Program Info:




  • Various

Program Length:

  • 91 credits


  • Students may enter at the beginning of fall, winter, or spring quarter.