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Women in Trades and Technology

Women are entering the trades and technology workforce in growing numbers, taking on jobs that were once considered “for men only”. Why?

  • Good pay and benefits! The RTC Trade and Technology Programs listed below prepare you for occupations with a median wage of $25.95 in King County.
  • Job security! Demand is increasing as older workers in these fields retire in great numbers, and as advanced technological needs of employers require well-trained workers.
  • Job satisfaction! In these careers you apply your skills on a daily basis and see the fruits of your labor, enjoying pride in your craft and a job well done.

These Programs are Good for Women

You will find a supportive learning community led by instructors who excelled in their trade in industry. RTC has one of the highest completion rates for two year colleges in the state, and the completion rate for our “nontraditional” students is even higher! You will gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed in:

Women are Good for These Fields

Many women excel in the hands-on, creative aspects of these occupations, as well as in the communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in a trades and technology environment. Employers recognize that meeting the demand for skilled workers means building a diverse workforce.

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