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Steps for Returning Students to Continue Running Start

  1. After the third week of the quarter, print a new Running Start Enrollment Verification Form.
  2. Meet with your high school counselor, review your diploma requirements and have your form signed.
  3. Have your parent sign your form.
  4. Turn in your completed form to Renton Technical College to Student Services office.
  5. Meet with Debbie Rundle to discuss your college degree and class schedule.
  6. Register for classes.

Course Equivalency Guides

Financial Requirements

Running Start covers tuition for college-level courses. The maximum credit eligible through Running Start is based on your combined high school and college enrollment. See the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form for credit eligibility. Running Start is available fall, winter and spring quarters.

Student's Financial Responsibility

You will be responsible for the costs of the application fee, books, special course/lab fees, and any other applicable fees. Approximate costs are:

Application fee $30.00
COMPASS Assessment fee $20.00
Books Approximately $100/class
All applicable fees Class fees ($30.00 per 5 credits class)



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