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Choose a Career


Choosing a career and finding a job can seem overwhelming. The process requires you to make some important decisions about the type of work you like to do, the type of environment you prefer, work schedules and location. You will also need to determine whether or not you already possess the work skills or will need to enroll in a training or education program in order to gain them.

There are many resources that can help you to answer those questions. You will find them listed below. There are two resources that you can use to help you determine your interests and/or investigate training programs and work demand that are fairly comprehensive. We recommend you use these resources in conjunction with a vocational counselor who can help you understand the results.

WOIS/The Career Information System

WOIS is a private, nonprofit organization that researches and distributes information about Washington careers, schools and training programs. They are located in Olympia, Washington and have been serving their community of users for over 30 years. They include assessments on Career Interest Areas, Interest Profiler, Skills Assessment and Work Importance Locator. You will need a site key to use this site. Ask any center staff to assist you with this.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory ® is a computerized assessment that measures your interests. The cost to take the inventory is $25.00. After you have taken it, you will schedule an appointment to review the results with a trained professional. Once you know your interests, you can explore career options, education, and training that are more consistent with your interests. The inventory will help you to better understand your preferred learning environments and leadership, risk taking, and teamwork preferences.

The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following the steps outlined below, finding the right career and the perfect job will be easier.

  • Know and understand your interests, skills and aptitudes
  • Locate information about economic projections and regional outlook for a given job or trade
  • Conduct an effective job search
  • Research companies

Know and Understand Your Interests, Skills and Aptitudes 
Are you exploring your career options? Are you not quite sure what direction you would like your career to take? Take a career assessment test tk help determine how your skills and interests match a career or training program that meets your needs. Click on the following links to take a quick and free career interest test.

Locate Information about Economic Projections and Regional Outlook
Once you have taken an assessment test or if you are sure you know where your interests lay, link to one of these websites to see what kind of outlook there is for your chosen field.

Links to National and Local Occupational Projections:

Conduct an Effective Job Search
If you are ready to begin your job search, in addition to job leads provided by the Student Success Center, the following websites can provide you with local as well as national employment opportunities.


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