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Veteran Services Mission

Serving Those Who Chose to Serve

The Veteran Services Office provides prompt and thorough service to veteran students in a confidential, respectful, and safe environment. Veteran Services offers assistance to veterans when choosing educational and vocational goals, building community, and increasing their potential. A wide range of support services and resources are offered which increases the potential of individuals to complete their academic goals successfully.

For general inquiries and information about Veteran Services at Renton Technical College, please contact:

  • Glen Boje, Veteran Navigator at
    (425) 235-2352 x5843 or via email.
  • Craig Brewer, Access Services and Veteran's Adviser at
    (425) 235-2352 x5759 or via email.


Students seeking to start college and utilize veteran or dependent benefits should first contact the Veteran Navigator either via e-mail or at (425) 235-2352 x5843. Once an appointment is made, one of the Veteran’s Service Staff will meet with the interested veteran/dependent and first discuss with them their desired field of study. Once a desired field of study is chosen, then any questions/concerns about benefits or navigating the benefit system will be covered. From there the Veteran Navigator will personally work with each veteran/dependent to get all appropriate paperwork filled out and get all questions answered.

In addition to providing assistance with benefit paperwork, the Veteran Navigator will also assist any student who is interested with filling out paperwork to take advantage of any federal grants or scholarships that they so desire to use.

Lastly, once all benefit and funding paperwork have been filled out, the Veteran Navigator will assist the potential veteran/dependent student with completing the admission process for the college. Sometimes the process can be viewed as confusing or overwhelming, but the Veteran Navigator will personally assist and walk the student through each step, if they so desire, to ensure that each student builds a personal relationship with the Veteran Navigator and other Veteran Service Staff.

Links & Resources

Click here for helpful information about different resources and information that is available for veterans.