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Kentlake High School

College Level Classes Offered at Kentlake High School This Spring

from Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College, in partnership with the Kent School District, is proud to offer college level classes at Kentlake High School. All community members and high school students will be able to take classes designed to fit into their daily schedule.
Classes are open to all community members regardless of where they live. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. If you are a current high school student, contact the Running Start Coordinator Debbie Rundle at or (425) 235-2352 extension 5714.
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Classes Offered

Adult Basic Education Classes (ABE) to be offfered soon.
Course Name Course # Item # Credits Days Time
Fundamentals of Mathematics MATH065 G614 5 Credits T/Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
Pre-Algebra MATH075 G616 5 Credits T/Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
Beginning Algebra MATH085 G618 5 Credits T/Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
Intermediate Algebra MATH95 G620 5 Credits T/Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
Pre-Calculus I MATH&141 G624 5 Credits T/Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
Pre-Calculus II MATH&142 G626 5 Credits T/Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
Applied Composition ENGL100 G632 5 Credits M/W 5:30PM-8:10PM
English Composition* ENGL&101 G604 5 Credits M/W 5:30PM-8:10PM
General Psychology PSYC&100 G608 5 Credits M/W 5:30PM-8:10PM
Intro to Communications CMST&101 G602 5 Credits Th 5:30PM-8:00PM
1Students who successfully complete this class will earn credit based on progress achieved either at the English 100 or English 101 level.