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Social Sciences Links (Psychology, Sociology, History.)


Psychology Links


American Psychological Association

This national association offers news, links to conferences and information on continuing education.


Classics in the History of Psychology

Ancient, medieval and modern writings on psychology, full text on the web.  Find out what writers from Aristotle to Pavlov, Binet and Lange, Broca and Freud and Jung wrote about the mind and human personality. 


Encyclopedia of Psychology

Over 2,000 links on psychology to choose from. Covers subjects from psychology as a career, to organizations, resources, psychology paradigms and theories.


Directory of Open Access Journals: Psychology

Links to 50 free online psychology journals.  Or click here to see journals on psychiatry.


Internet Mental Health

Links to quality pages on mental health issues. To be listed here, the site must offer at least 10 pages of "scientifically sound mental health information."


Psychology Press Alert Service

Want to find out about soon-to-be published psychology articles and books? This alert service will send you information about upcoming items from publisher Taylor & Francis.



Links to scholarly psychology resources on the web, and online books and brochures. Plus pages focused on specialties, such as sports psychology and psychology of religion.


Social Psychology Network

Claims to be the internet's largest social psychology site. Offers links to all aspects of social psychology, including texts, databases and employment information. 


For a sampling of psychology videos in RTC library, click here.


Sociology Links


MeL Internet: Sociology

Links on aging, poverty, sexuality, social policy research, and more.


Open Directory Project: Sociology

A directory to sociology sites on the web.  Includes links to sites in languages other than English.


Portals to the World

Chose a country and find out about it's population, geography, language, culture, education and more.



Links include pages on sociological practice, sociological theories, great sociologists, sociology humor, and information on US and Canadian college and university sociology departments.


Terrorism and Crime Studies

Studies on terrorism and crime, in the US and internationally. By the Library of Congress. Most reports are .pdf files.


Virtual Library - Sociology

Links to pages of links on sociology organizations, sociological theories, databases, software resources, and much more.


World Conflicts Today

Find information on 10 conflicts that shape our world.  Including Afghanistan,  the Basque Country, Chechnya, Columbia, Darfur, Iraq,  Jammu and Kashmir, the Korean Peninsula, Northern Ireland, and the Palestinian Territories.  




United States History Links


African-American Mosaic

"A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History & Culture".


American History: A Documentary Record, 1492- Present

Offers the text of documents that shaped American History. A Yale Law School project.


American Memory - Library of Congress

Pictures, maps, sound files, historical documents and videos about American history.  Covers many diverse topics, including culture, technology, literature, immigration and Native Americans.


Best of History Web Sites

Take a look at the Medieval or art history pages. Or click here to go immediately to the Best of History Web page on US History.


Historical Newspapers in Washington

Newspapers from Washington state's early years.


History Place

The American Revolution, the Civil War, plus other topics.  A notable feature is the collection of photographs by Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange


State History

Web links about the history and culture of 33 of the 50 US states.


Virtual Library - US History

Wide-ranging group of links from African-American history, labor history, maritime history, beat literature, to the Cold War.


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