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Marcia Arthur's Sites for Learners and Teachers


Preliteracy and Phonics  89 printable handouts for very basic literacy  Phonics, alphabet, and beginning reading for children, but adults like it, too Emily and Clifford, the Big Red Dog  Links to phonics activities  Phonics and reading for learners and teachers  Free phonics flashcards, worksheets, handouts and more for teachers  Annotated list of good phonics web sites't_talk.pdf  How to teach phonics to adults from literacy Toronto programs


Vocabulary with Pictures  Pictures with words and sound files  Pictures with words and sound files and quizzes  Pictures with words and sound files and quizzes  Internet Picture Dictionary  Basic picture vocabulary with some sound  Small site with picture vocabulary quizzes  Vocabulary with cartoon pictures from Charles Kelly  Small picture dictionary for high level 1 and up  Huge site of drawings and cartoon pictures listed by category in English and French


Money and Making Change  Various currencies  Making change  Flash cards  Exercise on reading money in words and numbers


Time  Quizzes on telling time


Sites designed for Levels 1-3 Good picture vocabulary exercises University of Victoria’s intro level exercises   Quizzes on various topics for low to intermediate learners; connected to lessons in published textbooks  Adele’s ESL Corner—grammar, listening, vocabulary, and a page for intermediate learners, too.  ESL resources for grades 6 to 12 at Frankfurt International School  Teacher: activities for low level adult ESL  Links to beginning exercises from esl.about


Multi-level Activities/Games  Thousands of games and activities  Levels 1 and some 2—grammar and some listening  Britich Council site: sections for adults, kids, teachers, special interests  Free registration required; read, spell, grammar exercises at various levels


Children’s Sites—but fun for adults, too! Check out the stories with listening Beginning reading and phonics  Children’s storybooks online  Charming stories with dramatic readings by professional readers


 Sites designed for Levels 4-5 Instant lesson plans for that day you wanted to stay home.  Listening (slow) and reading  Good vocabulary and listening in British English


Listening  All levels of listening with exercises and answers.  listen/pronounce words and phrases; all levels  direct links to short audio files; various kinds of practice  links to podcastings   InterLink free reading/listening short clips


Other Sources—All Levels  links to help for college level ESL   Look at the menu on the left for  “Slang of the Day” and “bizidioms” (business idioms); get an idiom emailed to you every day.  Fun activities, games, short quizzes for students of all levels (try Hangman—it helps you memorize the keyboard!)  list of sites for self-study/practice  All skills at intermediate to high level



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