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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at

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Instructional Improvement Suggests:


Instructional Improvement suggests these websites on diversity.


Looking for a site that will help you teach mutual respect?  Try  the Southern Poverty Law Center’s  site “Teaching Tolerance.”  Go to  and click on Teaching Tolerance on the top right of the menu.  Or try Their “101 Tools for Tolerance” has a number of useful ideas.


The University of Michigan’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching has a webpage with suggestions for “Creating Inclusive College Classrooms.” It can be found at


Want to break the ice with a new class?  Take a look at the suggestions in the teachers corner at the Understanding Prejudice  web site:


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill internet-published their campus guide on inclusion, called “Diversity in the College Classroom.” Chapters on diversity and learning styles and strategies for inclusive teaching may be very useful.  It can be found at




Sometimes town founders were clearly thinking of profit and loss: Coupon  PA, Wampum PA, Dividend UT, Dinero TX,  Last Dollar Mountain CO, Tencent Lake OR, and Gilt Edge TN.


Other times, namers were clearly were ready for a meal: Cookietown OK, Pickle Street WV,  Hot Coffee MS,  and Tea SD.

Featured Media Title


Ouch: That Stereotype Hurts.  Call  #:  302.2 OUCH 2007t.


It’s easy to ignore it when a harmful stereotype comes up in class.  We hope that our failure to respond expresses our disapproval, or we may not want to stop the lesson to address the issue.  Unfortunately, failure to respond can sometimes be taken as agreement. 


Ouch offers a method of responding quickly and without blame to discourage prejudice. The kit, including a 12 minute DVD, a book, and a CD with a trainer’s guide and PowerPoint, teaches an effective  way of noting the stereotype and responding in a way that discourages it—without causing embarrassment or bad feelings. 12 minutes.





And sometimes it’s hard to imagine what the naming committee  was thinking: Smut Eye AL, Smackover AR, T’aint Much AL, Yeehaw Junction FL, Calfkiller TN, Round O SC, Skin Tight TX, Panther Suck, AR and its sister city, Toad Suck, AR, and Cheesequake  NJ.


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