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Educational Media

This three-times-a-year newsletter is published by the  Renton Technical College    Library. It is intended to spotlight issues regarding the use of  educational media—videos, DVDs, audiotapes, software, and other electronic resources. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please call the library at  (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at .

The library is located at: 3000 NE Fourth St, Renton, WA 98056


Most Popular Media of the Last 4

Years—You Voted With Your Library


One definition of “best” is “the most popular”. So we decided to see which titles had been checked out of RTC library oftenest in the last four years. 

Number one was the 26 videocassette series Discovering Psychology, which checked out a total of 187 times in four years. The series covers such topics as brain development and applying psychology to life.

Second place goes to the Anatomy and Physiology series, which checked out 134 times. This 15 video set includes such titles as “Nutrition”, and “The Special Senses”.

In third place is ESL Grammar, which checked out 122 times.

Split-Infinitive world of  English Grammar, which checked out 83 times, was fourth.  (This is by the educational- comedy group The Standard Deviants, discussed on page 1.)

In fifth  place was the 12 volume set Hello America: A video English Course, at 78 times.

And in sixth place was Decorating with Shirley Ryan Rose, a video on cake decorating, with 77 checkouts. 

For the complete top 30 list, contact Laura Staley at x5679.

Privacy note:  RTC Library does not keep information linking patron names to titles .  We know how many times each title was checked out but—if they’re not still checked out—we don’t know  who had them.


Instructional Improvement’s


It’s the job of Judith Frey of Instructional Improvement to recommend resources and training that makes us better teachers.  So we asked Judith what titles she would recommend.

“How to Give a Talk is a video I recommend to most new instructors because [speaker Patrick Winston] models all but one of the best ways to lecture….  [E]very time I watch it I either pick up or remember something new.” Contact Judith Frey at the Instructional Improvement office (x2434) to see How to Give a Talk.

For use with your students, Judith notes “I like the It’s about Respect video and its teaching guides. They would make a great centerpiece for a Human Relations unit.

“I also like the Standard Deviants work.  Whether they tackle Anatomy or Spanish there is a wit and sharpness that will keep a class awake or make it easy to study alone.”

It’s About Respect and the Standard Deviant titles are at RTC  Library.

Quick Picks: How to Connect in Healthcare in 90

Seconds or Less.

“If people trust you, they’ll see the best in you. If they don’t, they tend to see the worst.” From the video.

How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less

Wouldn’t it be nice if patients always carefully listened to their health care professionals,  and complied exactly with medical advice?  Studies show that when patients trust their care providers, compliance goes up. This is an excellent reason to bond immediately with your patients – and “How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less” gives you hints on how  to do just that. This video covers the importance of attitude, of sending the right signals, and getting patient buy-in. 

Call number: Held at the Circulation Desk – 610.696  HOW-TO  2003c   


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