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Finding a Job and Keeping It

Library Resources for Job Hunters


Working on Those Soft Skills



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Work on the Web

The web offers a number of excellent job-hunting sites.  Some are specific to Washington state, and some are national in scope.  Most offer the opportunity to search already posted jobs, and the chance to post a resume for potential employers to search.  Some sites require registration. Some (such as ResumeBlaster) allow the job seeker to disguise their identity, to prevent a current employer from realizing they are job hunting.  Most offer resume and interview tips.

  Online job searching requires a different set of skills than traditional job hunting.  If your students decide to post their resumes,  you may want to suggest they check out the article “Your CyberSafe Resume” at

A few excellent job search sites include:

Worksource Washington. (  This is the creation of the Washington State Employment Security Department, various labor organizations and educational institutions.  You can search for work (including part-time and entry-level jobs) in any part of Washington State, or  research a potential employer. Everyone looking for a job in Washington State should take a look at this web site.

NW Jobs. Search the want ads from the Seattle Times and Seattle PI, online. (  Search for jobs offered by one particular employer (like Boeing or Microsoft) or by industry (nursing or restaurant/food service) or omit certain types of employers (like employment agencies) from your search. You can also limit your search to locations within a specified radius from  your home.  To see the jobs in advertised in the King County Journal, go to .

America’s Job Bank ( site offers close to two million jobs, including many government positions.  You can search by job title or keyword, by state or by zip code. A piece of bad news: this site may become inactive in late 2006. ( ).This is another very large site.  They will require that you register—it’s free– to take advantage of most of their services like job alerts.

Industry websites.  Another source of national job leads are industry organizations web pages.  Some require that you be a member of the organization, but many don’t.  

You may want to warn your students: Don’t just rely on the web.  Some experts say as few as 3% of jobs are found through web sites.  The most optimistic experts say only half of new jobs are found on the web.  Students should probably also use the more conventional job search methods for finding a job.


Customer Service Skills

All employees have customers, whether they deal with the public or not.  These are resources that help people learn about who their customers are, and how they want to be treated:

An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy.  Media 658.812 INVISIB 1994m   Customer service with a light touch.  Covers attitude, planning for good service, measuring the results, and how to be a good customer. 

Telephone Customer Service: Basic and Advanced CSR Skills. Media 651.73 TELEPHO 2000c.  This video includes listening effectively, satisfying the angry customer, preparing a script, and closing the conversation.


The RTC Student Success Center

The RTC Student Success Center offers many services to help students find a job.


They have job listings – either program-related jobs or other jobs that can help support students during their studies. They will even email new job openings to students.


They offer job search assistance. You can arrange to have workshops in your classroom covering subjects such as resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, filling out applications and more.  They offer help in filling out applications and offer mock interviews, so students can get extra practice before they face a prospective employer.


They even offer the use of a fax machine and phone for employment inquires.


 For more information on their employment services, call Michelle Iko at (425) 235-2352  x7785.


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