Educational Media  Volume 4, #3  May, 2008

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Educational Media

This three-times-a-year newsletter is published by the  Renton Technical College    Library. It is intended to spotlight issues regarding the use of  educational media—videos, DVDs, audiotapes, software, and other electronic resources. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please call the library at  (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at .




Persuasion and Concentration



This One Moment:  Skills for Everyday Mindfulness. Call # 616.85852 THIS-O 2003m v4.  We’ve all met the student who is competent, but who can’t concentrate,  tends to lose focus and make mistakes.  This DVD teaches concentration skills. It’s probably not suited for in-class use unless it is broken up into short segments, but is a good source to recommend to students. 55 minutes.


Persuasion in Everyday Life. Call # 303.342 PERSUAS 2007.  This DVD looks at the tools and techniques used to frame arguments that we accept.  27 minutes. 


Greatest Speeches of All Time. Call # 808.85 GREATES 2005s.  This includes excepts from the greatest political persuaders of our time:  Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  Ronald Reagan, Mario Cuomo, Jesse Jackson and more.  Search the catalog for recordings of other speakers, including Nelson Mandela and Adolf Hitler. 


Brain Traps. Call # 153 BRAIN 1998t.  There are certain mental habits that work so well for us in everyday life that we fail to notice that they can stop us from solving problems.  This DVD contains several problems that illustrate these habits and offers suggestions for avoiding the opportunities we miss when we fall into a brain trap.  19 minutes





Autobiography Titles: Tall, Dark and Gruesome – By Christopher Lee, the actor famous his performance as  Dracula.



Education Issues


Discounted Dreams: High Hopes and Harsh Realities at America’s Community Colleges.  Call #  378.1543097 DISCOUN 2007.  Community and Technical Colleges are the higher education most people can afford. But do we fund them well enough to allow them to be effective? 60 minutes.

Baby See N Sign. Call #  419.7 BABY-S 2004.  Did you know  babies can communicate through sign language long before they can talk?  Want to know if that baby wants juice or a diaper?  Try  this set.






Autobiography Title: To Be or Not To Bop – By Dizzy Gillespie, jazz artist and major figure in the development of bebop.



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