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Food, Cooking and Nutrition


Sushi: A Bite of Culture, Aesthetics and Nature.  Call # 641.5952 SUSHI 2005e. An introduction to sushi.  It’s not a how-to video, but  offers an understanding of what the sushi chef is trying to achieve and the methods they use.  The visuals are stunning. 19 minutes.


Catering Skills: Behind the Scenes .  Call # 642.4092  CATERIN 2005b. This Australian series looks at restaurant planning and management. Behind the Scenes covers developing a menu, designing and setting the table (including several different ways of folding napkins) and  different serving styles.  25 minutes.   Setting the Scene  (Call # 642.4092  CATERIN 2005s) looks at  kitchen knives and knife safety, food preparation, the art of preparing  and arranging garnishes, and plating foods. DVD. 28 minutes. Allowing for cultural differences, this set is a useful introduction to restaurant and food service issues.


Food  Processing.  Call # 641.5 FOOD-P 2003. How  food is produced commercially, including ice cream, frozen pizzas, potato chips, cheese, low fat cookies and canned food. 22minutes.


Food: A Multicultural Feast.   Call # 394.1 FOOD-A 1998m. Our culture teaches us what we should eat, and what we should avoid. This DVD gives examples of different cultural biases involving food, ranging from  frog legs and all-vegetarian McDonalds restaurants. An amusing introduction to culture and food, and the origins of many common US foods. 20 minutes.


Diabetes: Facts, Nutrition and Cooking.  Call # 616.462 DIABETE 2004f. See the cooking section of this DVD for tips on cooking for diabetics. 90 minutes.



Mind, Body and Culture


The Culture of Emotions.  Call # 616.89 CULTURE 2005e.  DVD .  Illness has both a cultural and a physical component. Medical practitioners need to understand that culture shapes how  we see the world—including how  we experience mental illness. This training DVD helps to develop cultural competence in dealing with mental illness, using the  DSM IV Outline for Cultural Formulation as a tool. 58 minutes.


Community Voices.  Call # 362.196994 COMMUNI 2005v.   How does an individual’s culture affect their experience of cancer?   This DVD looks at using cultural knowledge to help improve cancer prevention and screening. Includes a workbook. 69 minutes.


Living with Schizophrenia.  Call # 616.898 LIVING 2002w.  Features people diagnosed with schizophrenia, discussing their symptoms,  and experiences with medications. An excellent training tool.   39 minutes.


Addiction.  Call #  618.92 ADDICTI 2006. These 14 episodes were originally shown on HBO.  They look at addiction as an illness, the risk factors, medical and behavioral therapies and support groups.  The segment “Saturday Night in a Dallas ER” may be especially useful  in showing the impact of addiction in a medical setting.


Assessment, Intervention, and Treatment. Call # 616.89 ASSESSM 2005i. The history of medications for medical illness, their classifications and how  they work on the brain, how to administer them and how to recognize side effects.  27 minutes.


Medication Issues in Mental Health. Call # 616.89 MEDICAT 2004i.  2 DVDs and 2 CD ROMs.  While medication can be vital for the treatment of mental illness, it often has serious side effects. One DVD (616.89 MEDICAT 2004i 636.1)  looks at disorders that can result from psychotropic medication.  Another (616.89 MEDICAT 2004i 636.2) looks at movement disorders. A set of CD-ROMs have study materials.


Heart Disease and Women.  Call # 616.12 HEART 2006d. “In the past it was felt that women didn’t have heart disease.”  But heart disease is the #1 killer of American women.  Learn about women’s symptoms and care and treatment.    2 DVDs. 95 Minutes.


Sleep Disorders.  Call # 616.8498 SLEEP 2007d. Lack of sleep has been blamed for  the Exxon Valdez oil spill, many traffic accidents,  and countless illnesses. This DVD covers the classification, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  28 Minutes.


Nurse’s Assessment.  Each DVD in this set offers professional level information on the topic, plus examination tips, a practice test, and bonus features. The practice test is interactive, and includes explanations for each answer. Titles in the series include:


→ Respiratory Signs and Symptoms. Call #  616.075 RESPIRA 2006a. 32 minutes.


→ Vascular Signs and Symptoms. Call #  616.075 VASCULA 2006s. 32 minutes.


→ Cardiac Signs and Symptoms. Call #  616.075 CARDIAC 2006. 30 minutes.


→ Neurological Signs and Symptoms. Call #  616.075 NEUROLO 2006s. 31 minutes.


→ Signs and Symptoms of Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances. Call #  616.075 SIGNS 2007f. 31 minutes.


→ Endocrine Signs and Symptoms. Call #  616.075 ENDOCRIN 2007s. 32 minutes


The Cutting Edge: Innovative Surgical Methods.  Call #  617 CUTTING 2004e. This program covers new surgical techniques such as gamma knife surgery, surgical robotics, and surgeons operating from afar. It includes operating room footage. 47 minutes.


The CNA’s Role in Post Mortem Care.  Call # 616.029 CNAS 2005r.  The last service CNAs may offer a patient is to prepare their body    for viewing and then for removal to the mortuary. This DVD covers observing infection control procedures, and bathing, grooming, and removing tubes from the body, while being sensitive to a variety of cultural practices. 30 minutes.


Double Jeopardy: Clinical Management of the HIV/Hepatitis C Co-Infected Patient.  Call # 616.9792 DOUBLE 2002j. This is one of a number of training resources donated to RTC Library by the Northwest AIDS Education and Training Center, on AIDS.  Titles include palliative care, treatment updates (2004), substance abuse and HIV, pill burden and AIDS, and occupational exposure to HIV.


And “Diabetes: Facts, Nutrition and Cooking.” Call # 616.462 DIABETE 2004f.




Autobiography titles: I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow…’Cause I Get Better Looking Every Day.  By Joe Namath, AFL/NFL Quarterback, also known as “Broadway Joe”.



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