Educational Media - Vol. 4, #3 - June, 2008   

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5 Web Resources on Soft Skills


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Five Web Resources on Soft Skills


Compiled by Judith Frey,

Director of Instructional Improvement


Point Lookout, a newsletter of tips and insights that help people find better ways to work with each other from a former software engineer now focusing on personal and organizational effectiveness.  Seven years of short readable articles on topics including: Conflict Management, Ethics, Change, Project Management, Effective Meetings, Effective Communication, Managing Your Boss, and Critical Thinking  are in the archives at


Project Implicit This is the gateway to the Test Yourself for Hidden Biases online quiz co-sponsored by Harvard, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington.


Teaching Tolerance is a source of activities on diversity, such as overcoming stereotypes.  The project motto is “Fight hate and promote tolerance.” http://www.teaching  There is also a great tutorial to use after the Project Implicit bias test (see above) to learn more about stereotypes and bias


Unleash your Potential from Kevin Eikenberry is another newsletter with an archive.  The topics vary from how to use PowerPoint or give an effective speech to collaborating or being part of a successful team.


Work is not for Sissies Glen Shephard keeps 6 months of newsletters available here.  They would be a great source for case studies and role playing in a Interpersonal Communications class.  Also see the great download “Glenn’s Rules of Work” (great for posting in your classroom).  You’ll find these at  One of the rules is, “If you can’t be on time, be early.”


Give us a call at Instructional Improvement (425) 235-5750 if you are looking for additional resources in Interpersonal Relations or other topics.


   Brief Mentions


Basic Mathematics: Metric System.  Call # 513 BASIC 2002m. How to covert to and from the metric system.


Mystery of the Senses.  Call # 612.8 MYSTERY 1995v. How do our senses work?  Find out with these videos on vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell.


Measuring with the Micrometer. Call # 629.252 MEASUR 2006. How to standardized and read a micrometer.


Cloning. Call # 660.65 CLONING 2005. The science behind the news about cloning.


Google Boys. Call # 338.761025 GOOGLE 2006b.  A profile of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, creators of Google.


E2 Design. Call # 720.47 E-SQUARE 2007d.  An excellent series about sustainable architecture and design.





Autobiography Title: Pitching and Wooing – By Bo Belinsky, Major League pitcher and off-field playboy.


Autobiography Title:  It Pays to Steal.  By Maury Wills, Baseball player for LA Dodges and Pittsburg Pirates.  Famous for stealing bases – 586 steals in 14 years.



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