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Educational Media
This three-times a year newsletter is published by the Renton Technical College Library. It is intended to spotlight the use of  educational media— everything from videos and DVDs to computer files and web pages. We will also be listing some of RTC library’s titles we think  you might find useful on the topic.  If you have any suggestions for topics, please call the library at     (425) 235-2331, or  email  Laura Staley at


RTC's Multimedia Methods

“You don’t need to be a techie to set up some neat things for your students.” Noreen Light of the Emergency Dispatch program says.   Light is one of many Renton Technical College faculty who are using multimedia to enhance their students learning.

 RTC Faculty are producing audiotapes and interactive computer programs that allow their students to do self-paced learning, taping skills practices for self- and classroom review – not to mention creating  web pages and informational videos for their programs.

Allied Health’s LPN program has students record themselves performing patient care, admitting patients, discharging them, and educating them in the nursing lab.   John Mundy of the Ford Asset Program

is in the middle of a year-long project to put his curriculum’s lessons and reference material on DVD for his students. Several departments, including  Dispatch  and Basic Studies ESL record practice job interviews with their students.

Noreen Light has put together a wide variety of multimedia aids for her students.  She has created audiotapes to allow them to practice relaxation techniques – “Stress management is part of the job” -   and interactive computer programs to allow them to sharpen their dispatch skills. 

The computer program, created with former RTC instructor John McCormack,  begins with clip from an 911 call. Questions regarding the tape appear on the screen.  The student types in an answer.  Correct answers send the student on to the next question; incorrect answers allow for a second try, and then offer the page numbers of the text where the student can find the correct answer.

As Light says, “It makes learning more interesting.  It makes teaching more interesting.”


True: The current distance record for throwing a cell phone is 66.72 meters—nearly 219 feet.

Tuesday Previews - Popcorn Provided

Instructional Improvement and the RTC Library are teaming up to offer      you previews of classroom  media resources. 

Once a month we’ll take an hour to show clips from a few of the library’s videos, DVDs, or CDs, and discuss ways the material might be used in the class.  We’re choosing materials that can be used in any classroom, from welding to phlebotomy.   And we’ll provide the popcorn!

Spring Quarter Previews:


         October 19, 2004

          Time: 3-3:45 PM  Room J203

          RSVP x5724




             November 16, 2004

             Time: 3-3:45 PM  Room J203

             RSVP x5724




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