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Websites with Basic Computer Information


Basic Computer Operations

Includes information on turning the computer on, the difference between PCs and Macs, how to use the mouse, how to format a disk, how to open a program, how to save a document, introductions to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and many other topics.  Maintained by University of North Carolina-Asheville.


Learn the Basics

At Digital, chose tutorials on computers for new users, wireless access, texting, avoiding cyberbullying and more. 


How PCs Work

This set of pages from shows you each piece of a computer system, and defines such terms as motherboard, sound card, flash memory and FireWire.


Internet Detective

Learn how to detect the good stuff and the bad stuff (hoaxes, misleading information) on the internet.


Internet 101

An excellent introduction to surfing the internet.


Word for Windows Tutorial

Good, brief introduction to the 2007 Word for Windows program. (Tutorials for other MS Office products and earlier versions can also be found at this site.)


New User Tutorial

How to use the mouse, the scrollbar, and how and when to click or double-click the mouse button.


Welcome to Computer Training Tutorials

Tutorials on buying computer hardware, setting computers up, and troubleshooting computer hardware such as scanners and printers.


En Español


Computer Literacy 101 Español

Informacion sobre computación.

Curso de mecanografía gratis en español.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007


Microsoft Word


Palm Beach County Library Tutorial

Este cursillo le ayudara a aprender a usar el ratón.




Free typing tests and instruction.  And you don't have to download anything on your computer.

An alternative to, it doesn't offer as many features, but it's a good source of practice drills.


Other Resources

Information on low-cost, local computer Training.


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