Exceptional Faculty & Staff Awards

Each year we take the time to honor faculty and staff members who raise the bar of excellence and inspire us in so many ways. Their dedication to student success has helped to make RTC one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation.

Awardees are nominated and selected by their colleagues and receive a cash award to support professional and personal development. If your company is interested in sponsoring the Exceptional Employee Awards, please contact Carrie Shaw at (425) 235-2415 or cshaw@RTC.e

Six RTC 2018 Exceptional Employees with their certificates.
From left: Ali Cohen, Camille Pomeroy, Patrick Brown, Lauri Roede, and Mark Daniels

2018 Exception Employees:

  • Patrick Brown, Registrar and Director of Enrollment Services
  • Michelle Canzano, Executive Assistant, Administration and Finance
  • Ali Cohen, Open Doors Coordinator
  • Mark Daniels, Custodial Manager
  • Camille Pomeroy, Full-time Faculty, Basic Studies
  • Laura Roede, Adjunct Faculty, Veterinary Assistant

2017 Exceptional Employees:

  • Donna Duncan, Registration Specialist
  • Paula LeClaire, Library Coordinator
  • Alma Meza, Full-time Faculty - Basic Studies
  • Mitzi Philpott, Adjunct Faculty - Computer Training - Spreadsheets
  • Pablo Alanis Segura, Catering Lead Cook
  • Warren Takata, Full-time Faculty - ITEC Automotive

2016 Honorees:

  • Anthony Covington, Learning Resource & Career Center Manager
  • Barbara Culler, Faculty & Program Director, Early Childhood Education
  • Paul Rakel, Network Administrator
  • Laura Staley, Media Librarian
  • Brittney Williamson, Financial Aide Clerk
  • Sarah Zugschwerdt, ESL Faculty (Adjunct)

2015 Honorees

  • Lynn-Dee Spencer – Pharmacy Technician faculty
  • John Newcome  - Accounting faculty
  • Michele Lesmeister – ABE/GED faculty
  • Nona May – Lead greeter/cashier
  • Laurie Robertson
  • Keshini Simmons – Graphic Designer

2014 Honorees

  • Gary West
  • David Dickson – ESL, Basic Studies faculty
  • Trisha Foreman – Medical Assistant faculty
  • Nancy Christman
  • Howard Brink
  • Sharon Kramer – Campus Security Officer

2013 Honorees

  • Kathy Leviton
  • Stephen Cole
  • Zefire Skoczen – Massage Therapy Practitioner faculty
  • Lynda Wycoff – Bookstore buyer
  • Craig Brewer
  • Dominic Hill – Technical Support Analyst

2012 Honorees

  • John Falconer - Allied Health, IBEST Phlebotomy Instructor
  • Liz Falconer - Basic Studies ESL, Curriculum & Technology Specialist
  • Debra Gale - Information Technology, Computer Systems Technician
  • Angela Wingate - Puget Sound Municipal Liaison Manager and RTC Foundation Board President
  • Mike Biell - Drafting, Instructor
  • Stacy Hamilton - Registration, Registration Specialist
  • Gerry Landes - Allied Health/Medical Assistant, Program Director

2011 Honorees

  • Galina Onishchenko - Food Services, Cook
  • Ann Bingaman - Information Technology, Help Desk Coordinator
  • Dave Freeman - Surgical Technologist Instructor
  • Donmee Choi - Basic Studies Instructor
  • John Campbell - Major Appliance Instructor
  • David Namura, Puget Sound Energy.
  • Debbie Chou - Basic Studies Assistant (Not Pictured)

2010 Honorees

  • David Joyce - Public Safety Officer
  • Yeumie Truong - Assistant Financial Aid Director
  • Toni Dieni - Administrative Assistant, Basic Studies
  • Neil Foltz - Nursing Instructor
  • Jim Mellon - Automotive Instructor
  • John Fisher - Culinary Arts Chef Instructor

2009 Honorees

  • Aubrey Durbin, Administrative Assistant - Allied Health
  • Karen Noble, Administrative Assistant - Trade and Industries
  • Barbara Culler, Early Childhood Careers Instructor
  • Kim Smith, Professional Baking Instructor
  • Jim Drinkwine, Administrative Office Management Instructor
  • Cindy Leggett, Administrative Assistant - Business Technology, Education & Human Services, General Education

2008 Honorees

  • Simone Terrell, Phlebotomy Technician Instructor
  • Colleen Arndt, Administrative Assistant, Basic Studies
  • Elaine Calloway, Administrative Assistant, Student Services
  • Eric Depusoy, Computer Support Specialist
  • Jack Devine, ITEC Automotive Technician Instructor

2007 Honorees

  • Tim Culler, Computer Science, Instructor
  • Daryl Hickman, Band Instrument Repair Technology, Instructor
  • Connie Tran, Basic Studies, ESL, Instructor
  • Cheryl Culwell, Instructional Improvement, Administrative Assistant
  • Todd Davis, Bookstore, Buyer/ Salesperson
  • Ed Arndt, Automotive, Parts Assistant

2006 Honorees

  • Mimi Reed, Chef Instructor, Culinary Artsh
  • Debra Crumb, Librarian
  • Michele Lesmeister, Adult Basic Education/GED Instructor
  • Cathy Jenner, Disabilities Services Project Coordinator
  • Laura Hedal, Computer Systems Technician
  • Melissa Smith, Registration Specialist

2005 Honorees

  • Sheryl Bisyak, Technology and Distance Learning, Administrative Assistant
  • Barb Culler, Early Childhood Careers, Instructor
  • Beth Hale, Curriculum and Technology, Specialist
  • Shayne Meyer, Webmaster
  • Richard Nicholls, Basic Studies, Instructor
  • Debbie Rundle, Running Start, Counselor

2004 Honorees

  • Roberto Atherley, Catering & Food Services, Cook
  • Paul Baeder, Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology, Instructor
  • Perry Culwell, Business Office, Purchasing Agent
  • Martin Paquette, Surveying Engineering, Instructor
  • Erhard Volcke, Professional Baking, Instructor
  • Lisa Ziemer, Human Resource Development, Human Resources Representative

2003 Honorees

  • Terri Calnan, Medical Assistant, Instructor
  • Mark Fristo, Student Services, Counselor/ Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Marcie Greggs, Child Care Center, Specialist
  • Jack Marcin, Child Care Center, Cook
  • Tom Monstad, Autobody Repair and Refinishing, Instructor
  • Nancy Whitney, Financial Aid, Program Specialist

2002 Honorees

  • Gail Dugan, Office Technology, Instructor
  • Laurene Hood, Administration, Administrative Assistant
  • Alice Louie, Trade & Industry, Administrative Assistant
  • Wendy O'Reilly, Paraeducator/Instructional Assistant, Instructor
  • Brian Thompson, Ford ASSET, Instructor
  • Barbara Throm, Business Office, Payroll Officer

2001 Honorees

  • John Bradford, Auto Parts Systems, Sales, & Handling/Warehousing, Instructor
  • Barbara Culler, Early Childhood Careers, Instructor
  • Noreen Light, Emergency Dispatcher, Instructor
  • Kathleen Nass, Trade & Industry & Apprenticeship, Administrative Assistant
  • Cuong Phan, Facilities, Grounds Assistant
  • Shirley Zevart, Child Care, Assistant

2000 Honorees

  • Ron Cass, Student Services, Occupation Information Specialist
  • Bob Davis, Information Services, Technician
  • Karen DeBruyn, President's Office, Executive Assistant
  • Eric Palo, Librarian
  • Leslee Paquette, Public Information Office, Graphic Designer
  • Dave Parker, Welding, Instructor

1999 Honorees

  • Sharon Buckley, Licensed Practical Nurse, Instructor
  • Nancy Christman, Print Shop, Program Specialist
  • Robert Gettmann, Facilities, Lead Custodian
  • Tami Rable, Surgical Technologist, Instructor
  • Mary Riedi, Business Technology & General Ed, Administrative Assistant
  • Brian Thompson, Ford ASSET Program, Instructor

1998 Honorees

  • Karen Braunstein-Post, Computer Science, Instructor
  • Frances Bruner, Student Services, Administrative Assistant
  • Norma Humphrey, Registration, Program Specialist
  • Patricia Patton, Office Technology, Instructor
  • DeEtta Ryan, Adult Basic Education/GED, Instructor
  • Ellen Wright, Vice President for Instruction, Executive Assistant

1997 Honorees

  • George Anex, Machine Technology, Instructor
  • Michele Benjamin, Adult Basic Education/GED, Instructor
  • Rich Brownell, Major Appliance & Refrigeration Technology, Instructor

1996 Honorees

  • Andrea Holmes, Accounting, Instructor
  • Jan Kolberg, Customer Service Representative, Instructor
  • Dorothy Peterson, Child Care Specialist, Instructor

1995 Honorees

  • Dianne Ames, Legal Administrative Assistant, Instructor
  • James Coan, Civil Engineering Technology, Instructor
  • Cheryl Dedmon, Pharmacy Technician, Instructor

1994 Honorees

  • Mark Mitsui, Health & Fitness Technology, Instructor
  • Martin Paquette, Civil Engineering Technology, Instructor
  • Patci Serrano, Secretarial Professions, Instructor

1993 Honorees

  • Duane Cederberg, Office Equipment Repair, Instructor
  • Richard Deputy, Major Appliance & Refrigeration, Instructor
  • Rosemary Thurston, Surgical Technologist, Instructor