Financial Aid Counseling Curriculum

Grants are “gift” aid. They do not require repayment unless you fail to meet the conditions for the aid you receive.

In order to ensure you receive a grant, be sure to apply by the deadline each year. Grants typically do not cover all of your expenses such as living expenses. The amount of your grants will depend on your eligibility which is determined by your financial aid application (FAFSA) information.

  • Federal Pell Grant is a government grant for undergraduate students attending higher education. This means you would not be eligible if you have already received a four year degree. The amount of your aid will be calculated based on the income guidelines set by the federal government and the number of credits you are enrolled in. There is also a maximum time you may receive a Pell grant.
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is a federal grant given to the neediest recipients of the Pell Grant.
  • Washington State Need Grant is a grant that assists low and middle income students who meet the Washington State Residency requirements. Students at any enrollment level are eligible but the grants for students enrolled in less than three credits are limited. Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for the Washington State Need Grant:
    • You must be a resident of the state of Washington in accordance with state law (RCW 28B.15.011-013).
    • You must be a registered undergraduate student making satisfactory progress toward completion of your program.
    • You must not owe a refund or repayment on a State Need Grant, a federal Pell Grant, or a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG). You also cannot be in default on a Federal Perkins Loan, National Direct Student Loan, Federal Family Educational Loan or a William D. Ford Federal Loan.
    • State Need Grants are limited to a maximum of 15 full-time quarters. You must be within 125% of the standard length of your enrolled program to remain eligible for a State Need Grant.
  • RTC Grant
    To qualify for a Renton Technical College 3.5% grant, you must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Opportunity Grant
    The Opportunity Grant supports low-income adults who are entering high-wage, high-demand careers. These careers provide a minimum starting wage of $13 in Washington State and $15 per hour in King County. The grant covers tuition for professional technical programs up to 45 credits as well as fees, books and supplies (check with Opportunity Grant office for amounts), and bus passes. The grant also provides individual student support services that may include a single point of contact, career counseling, emergency child care or emergency transportation funds.