How We Can Help You This Quarter

How We Can Help You This Quarter.

Welcome back to Winter Quarter!  The library can help you by:

  • Offering textbooks for some classes.  Ask us what we have.
  • Offering computer space. We have over 50 computers available for your school work. (Or checking your email, or applying for scholarships.)
  • Offering study space. We have 10 group study rooms and two quiet study rooms. You can reserve the group study rooms up to a week ahead of time.
  • Offering resources for your classwork: articles and ebooks for your essays and projects, DVDs to learn new vocabulary, books for reading practice and reading pleasure.
  • Offering help finding and doing things: help with email and Canvas, help finding information for learning, job search and more.

Come visit us on the second floor of the C Building, or call us at 425 235-2331, email us at, or chat with a librarian online.  We’re here to help.