Associated Student Government

The ASG is the representative voice of the RTC Student Body. ASG members are responsible for representing student interests to the college administration and for facilitating the organization of a broad range of student committees that work to address issues and concerns and promote services that enhance students' experience at RTC. The Director of Student Programs & Engagement serves as adviser to the ASG. The ASG has two bodies: the nine-member paid Executive Board and the 40+ member volunteer Student Senate.

ASG Executive Board

The ASG Executive Board has five Executive members who have detailed job descriptions and commit to serving in their positions for the entire academic year (August 2014 – June 2015, two Associate members and two interns, who work on projects that are identified each quarter.  All students who are enrolled in a full-time program and have earned a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply.

Executive Board Members Are Required To:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher throughout tenure
  • Be enrolled in a full-time program (except summer)
  • Work 10-17 hour per week (hours flexible - $10.83/hour)
  • Attend the weekly ASG meeting Thursdays from 1:30pm – 3:30pm (fall-spring quarters)
  • Attend the mandatory, paid Student Leadership Summer Orientation (September 10-12, 2014)*

ASG President serves as chair for the ASG Executive Board and co-chair of the ASG Senate, recruiting senators, organizing membership rosters, preparing meeting agendas and ensuring that meeting minutes from executive board, senate and all ASG committees are archived. The ASG President serves as the student representative to the RTC Board of Trustees and to College Council, preparing and presenting reports on the activities and issues related to the student body.

Vice President of Finance serves as student steward of the ASG budget and chairs the ASG Budget Committee, working closely with the Director of Student Programs & Engagement to manage the expenditures funded by services & activities fees and assists student organizations with budget management. The VP of Finance works together with the Director to propose a draft budget to the ASG Budget Committee for review and presentation to the ASG Senate for recommendation. This executive also serves on the RTC Facilities Council.

Vice President of Legislative Affairs serves as co-chair of the ASG Senate and as chair of the ASG Legislative Committee.  This executive serves as the RTC representative to the WA State Community & Technical College Student Association (WACTCSA) and organizes participation in the WACTCSA Legislative Process, including the Student Legislative Academy, CTC Student Rally and Legislative Voice Academy. The Executive of Legislative Affairs is responsible for knowing and understanding the ASG Constitution and Bylaws, and ensuring that the ASG abides by them.  This executive also serves on the RTC Technology Council.

Vice President of Student Success serves to facilitate the organization and orientation of RTC’s student organizations and clubs, helping members access the resources available to them through Student Leadership. The VP of Student Involvement chairs the ASG Student Success Committee, working with students to address issues, concerns and innovative ideas to improve student success. This executive also raises campus awareness of issues related to equity and serves on the RTC Diversity and Equity Council.

Vice President of Communication serves to communicate and promote the many projects, activities and initiatives of Student Leadership. This executive chairs the ASG Communications Committee, comprised of a representative from each Student Leadership board and the Learning Resource Center and provides weekly reports to the RTC Communications & Marketing Department of activities/events/projects to be promoted. This executive also serves on the RTC Learning Council.

Associate Members work on specific projects identified by the council each year, serve on their committees of choice and are eligible for appointment to an executive position if one becomes vacant.

ASG Senate

The ASG Senate is the larger representative voice of the RTC Student Body, comprised of 30-40 students from all RTC programs. ASG Senators are responsible for allocating more than $500,000 annually in student fees, sanctioning student organizations and for voting on legislation proposed by the ASG Executive Board.

What are the requirements to serve as an ASG Senator?

  • Be currently enrolled at RTC in at least 5 credits/quarter
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Attend and participate in ASG Senate Meetings

2nd/4th Tuesday of each month 2:30pm – 3:45pm

  • Pass an open book parliamentary procedure test (Robert’s Rules of Order)