Renton Technical College’s DEI Council membership for 2016-17 is as follows:

  • Angel Reyna, DEI Council Chair
  • Jessica Gilmore-English, Vice President of Student Services
  • Lesley Hogan, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Christopher Carter, Dean of Allied Health
  • Jodi Novotny, Dean of Basic Studies
  • Simone Terrell, Faculty, Phlebotomy
  • Lynn-Dee Spencer, Faculty, Pharmacy Tech.
  • Kathleen Mullins, Faculty, Construction Trades Prep
  • Eugene Shen, Academic and Career Counselor
  • Jessica Supinski, Director of Student Programs and Engagement
  • Mical DeGraaff, Student Engagement Special Projects Manager
  • Gerald Bradford, Student Success Specialist
  • Matt Vielbig, Director of Safety and Security
  • Kayne Ortiz, ASG Representative
  • Maria Rosvick, ASG Representative
  • Sophia Giakoumatos, Enrollment Services Specialist
  • Denise Lopez-Barclay, Enrollment Services Specialist
  • Dani Mudd, HR Representative / Assistant Recruiter
  • Rob Watt, Associate Dean - Workforce, Trades & Economic Development, Workforce, Trades & Economic Development
  • La Shonda Lipscomb, Adjunct Faculty - Basic Studies
  • Stefanie McIrvin, BAS Program Manager

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