Email Account Creation & Deletion

When Are Student E-Mail Accounts Created?

As soon as a student or prospective student has been assigned a Renton Technical College Student ID number the student e-mail account process begins. Typically this occurs at the point of admissions; however, for some programs and classes there isn’t a formal admissions process, and in other cases admissions and registration are simultaneous events. Thus, class registration is not a prerequisite for a student e-mail account. Typically the process itself takes 24 hours or on the “next business day” before a person with student ID will have a student e-mail created. Students can check online for their e-mail account address (instructions are available at

When Are Student E-Mail Accounts Deleted?

After 5 quarters of non-enrollment activity, student e-mail accounts are deleted. Students can continue to use their RTC Student E-Mail for 5 quarters after graduation or non-enrollment. If a student takes from 1-5 quarters off from school, their student e-mail account remains active throughout. Reminders and instructions for saving data will be provided to student e-mail addresses in advance of being deleted. If a student has not taken classes at RTC for 6 quarters, they will be assigned a new student e-mail account when they next enroll.