How to Sign up for Classes

How to Register Online

If you are a current student, you can register for classes online.

  1. Go to the Student Online Services Website.
  2. Click on the Registration link on the left side navigation bar (you may need to scroll down).

    red arrow pointing at a red box surrounding the registration button on the Student Online Services website

  3. Click on the Registration Logon Page link in the middle of the page.

    red arrow pointing at a red box surrounding the Registration Logon Page button on the Registration tab of the Student Online Services website

  4. Log in using your SID and PIN.

    1. Select the appropriate quarter in the drop-down box.
    2. Click the Register button

    Registration login visual

  5. Click the Continue button
  6. To add or drop classes, enter the Item Numbers and click the Submit Add/Drop button.

    screenshot of the add/drop classes page

  7. When finished, click on the Finish button at the bottom of the page.
  8. To pay online, click the Pay by Credit Card link on the left side navigation bar.

    red arrow pointing at the 'pay by credit card' button

RTC Delivery Methods

The class modality is specified under the "Delivery" column in the class schedule.

  1. Face-to-Face/Web-Enhanced: Students and instructors meet together in a classroom. Class times are designated in the class schedule; syllabus, grades, assignments and other course elements available online. eLearning Fee: $15/course
  2. Online: Online classes consist entirely of online elements with no face-to-face component. Some online classes require students to interact with each other, the faculty, and content at specific times, while others are entirely self-paced. eLearning Fee: $12/course
  3. Hybrid: A combination of face-to-face meetings and online instruction. Required face-to-face class times are designated in the class schedule. eLearning Fee: $15/course
  4. Flex: Class exists fully online and fully face-to-face, and students have a choice of how to attend on any given day. Face-to-face class times are designated in the class schedule. eLearning Fee: $15/course

These may change at any time. For updated information on the college’s response to COVID-19, please view the RTC Coronavirus Webpage, and stay in contact with your instructor.

How to Search for Classes

Example of search for classes during summer quarter

  • Multiple filters and sorting options are available to help you find what you need.
  • You can use the drop-down menus and buttons to filter by quarter, program, delivery, and/or status. You can also search for keywords or instructor name.
  • All classes will show up if no filters or sorting is used.

How to Read the Class Listings

Screenshot of class listings with various parts highligted in red box and corresponding number below

  1. Course Number: The course number of the class.
  2. Course Title: The name of the class.
  3. Credits: The total number of credits for the class.
  4. Course Description: A brief description of the class, including any prerequisites.
  5. Item #: A unique number used to identify each class section. It is needed to register online. If you do not see an Item Number, please contact Enrollment Services or your instructor to receive the appropriate Item Number.
  6. Days: The days of the week the class is in session.
  7. Time: The start and end times of the class.
  8. Date: The start and end dates of the class.
  9. Location: The building/room number or the off-campus location. View here for Campus Maps.
  10. Delivery: The modality of the class, e.g., Face-to-Face, Online, Hybrid, or Flex.
  11. Instructor: The faculty teaching the class.
  12. Fees: The fees related to this specific class. They typically include lab fees, supply fees, and/or eLearning fees. They do not include tuition, matriculation fees, or costs related to books or materials. For more information, go to the Tuition & Fees webpage.
  13. Status: The current availability of the class based on the number of students enrolled.
  14. Note: Additional notes related to the class.

Need more help?

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Sessions are offered via Zoom by clicking the link below. If you need one-on-one support regarding a private matter, email us at or book an appointment by calling the Student Success Center at 425-235-5840 or 425-235-5804.

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