RTC thanks industry partners and advisory committees

  • Published Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Employers seek students with a well-rounded skill set that includes not only quality training, but also soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and working with diverse teams.

That was the message from Tanya Hannah, chief information officer and director of information technology for King County. She was the keynote speaker at the annual Industry Connections Dinner at Renton Technical College. RTC hosts the annual event to thank industry partners and advisory committee members.

“Companies invest in those who invest in themselves,” she said. “If you have tech skills and soft skills, we’re apt to hire you.”

Hannah specifically addressed opportunities for computer science graduates. RTC offers a variety of Information Technology programs, including applied bachelor’s degrees. Students also must think in terms of the future in the ever-changing technology world.  

“Employment opportunities are vast,” she said. “Technology is everywhere. It is the limit of your imagination.  “They may be doing a career or a job that literally doesn’t exist right now.”

President Kevin McCarthy thanked the college’s many partners who work to strengthen its programs, provide opportunities for students to learn on the job, and hire RTC graduates.