Computer student thrives at RTC despite tragedy

  • Published Friday, March 9, 2018

Jasmine Holman’s mom always wanted her to go to college. That thought – and the supportive atmosphere at RTC – helped Holman persevere in her computer science studies even through the loss of her mom.

“It really took at a toll on me, especially coming to school every day,” Holman said. “But I know she wanted me to stay in college and be successful. I wanted to carry that dream for her.”

She is also grateful to the RTC Foundation, which has provided scholarships to help purchase necessary supplies like books and a backpack. 

A student in Computer Network Technology, Holman also tutors students at the Learning Resource and Career Center and works as a technician at CHIPS, the student-run computer repair service. She chose RTC because of its high-quality, full-time computer science program.  Along with her passion for computers, at RTC Holman discovered that she’s a great teammate and leader.

“My experience at RTC has been truly rewarding in so many ways,” she said. “My favorite thing about Renton Technical College is the fact that I get to help other students. And then I get to go to class every day and do something I love.”

Learn more about Jasmine’s story in this video.

Jasmine Holman excels in her Computer Network Technology program.