Renton Technical College’s Learning Council membership for 2016-17 is as follows:

  • Angel Reyna, Learning Council Chair
  • Jessica Gilmore-English, Vice President of Student Services
  • Jacob Jackson, Executive Dean of Workforce, Trades and Economic Development
  • Christopher Carter, Dean of Allied Health
  • Cheyenne Roduin, Library Director
  • Liz Falconer, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Tami Rable, Workforce Education Manager
  • Eliza Watkins, Financial Aid Programs Coordinator
  • Cheryl Stover, Faculty, Science
  • Eugene Shen, Academic and Career Counselor
  • Abdul Hassan, ASG Executive of Finance, Computer Science program
  • Mohamed Abdullahi, LRCC Computer Repair Technician and English/Computer Science Tutor

Prior Member Lists