Massage Therapy Practitioner

Healthcare does not get more hands-on than massage therapy. Massage therapists help patients to deal with pain, injuries and stress through touch and manipulation of tissues and systems. This kind of therapy has become essential in sports medicine, physical therapy and wellness programs. Students in this program will learn and practice techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, hydrotherapy, and hot stone massage. The program includes a practical externship. This program prepares students to work in chiropractic clinics, physical therapy clinics, acupuncture clinics and massage clinics. Graduates will take the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination to meet the licensing requirements for Washington. Students are also required to join the American Massage Therapy Association and its Washington state Chapter. That cost is not included in tuition.

Enrollment Point: Fall

Certificate of Completion: 
3 Quarters
50 Credits
Associate of Applied Science: 
5 Quarters
90 Credits
AAS - Transfer: 
5 Quarters
90 Credits
Bachelor of Applied Science: 

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Median Salary: 
Projected Growth: 
Annual Job Openings: 

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Monday - Friday

8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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Zefire Skoczen

Entry Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years at the time of licensure exam.
  • Must take the Accuplacer test before entering the program or being placed on the pre-registration list.
  • Students must complete and pass a screening program (Crimes against persons list) within three months prior to being admitted to the program at (complete package code Rr68).
  • Proof of AMTA/Washington State Chapter membership.
  • Communication involving patient care in the clinical setting is critical to patient safety. All students shall be fluent in the English language, including verbal and written language.
  • Health insurance, both injury and sickness, is required for participation in the program.
  • Current (within one year) evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner to ensure student and patient safety. The evaluation should address the following areas in respect to the student's ability to perform the laboratory skills and externship responsibilities related to becoming a Massage Therapy Practitioner:
    • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds and to reach overhead.
    • Ability to stand or walk for long periods.


Course Information

Course # Course Title Crs
MAST 101 Massage Techniques I 5
MAST 102 Anatomy & Physiology I 3
MAST 103 Kinesiology I 2
MAST 104 Pathology I 2
MAST 111 Massage Techniques II 3
MAST 112 Anatomy & Physiology II 3
MAST 113 Kinesiology II 2
MAST 114 Pathology II 3
MAST 116 Injury Evaluation and Treatment I 2
MAST 124 Pathology III 3
MAST 126 Injury Evaluation and Treatment II 3
MAST 127 First Aid/CPR and Safety 2
MAST 151 Massage Licensing Preparation 4
MAST 171 Communication 2
MAST 173 Massage Employment I 2
MAST 174 Massage Employment II 2
MAST 181 Human Relations and Professionalism I 2
MAST 182 Human Relations and Professionalism II 1
MAST 191 Clinic 2
MAST 192 Internship 1
AMATH 162G Mathematics 1
  Total 50


Massage Electives - Required for both AAS and AAS-T Degree

Course # Course Title Crs
MAST 201 Holistic Self-Care for Massage Practitioners 3
MAST 203 Massage Business Start-Up I 3
MAST 205 Asian Bodywork Modalities 3
MAST 207 Massage Business Start-Up II 3
MAST 209 Integrative Massage 3
  Total 15


General Education Course Requirements for AAS Degree

Course # Course Title Crs
AMATH 175  Applied Mathematics for Business and Industry 5
CMST& 101 Intro to Communications 5
COMP 100 Applied Composition or 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition  
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
NUTR& 101 Human Nutrition 5
  Total 25


General Education Course Requirements for AAS-T Degree

Course # Course Title Crs
CMST& 101 Intro to Communications 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition 5
MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
NUTR& 101 Human Nutrition 5
  Total 25

Program Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Massage Therapy Practitioner Program:

  • Demonstrate competence as a massage practitioner providing services in healthcare clinics, spas, and small business settings;
  • Communicate effectively with all members of a healthcare team;
  • Demonstrate accountability of practice with adherence to ethical and legal standards of the massage profession;
  • Collaborate with patients and healthcare team to deliver client oriented treatment;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in assessment and treatment planning.


Washington State Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA)
Washington State Department of Health


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