Men of Merit

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Welcome to the Men of Merit

The Men of Merit is open to all enrolled self-identified men regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, origin, or socioeconomic status.

We're happy you're here! Join us at our next meeting by sending us an email at Also, feel free to reach out to any of the mentors listed at the bottom of the page.


Our Mission

To establish a brotherhood for the holistic development of students by providing service for academic excellence, scholarships, community involvement, and career success.


Our Vision

The Men of Merit Association (MMA) at Renton Technical College will foster unity, academic achievement, and career placement for minority men enrolled at the institution and support the College's mission, guiding men of color from matriculation to graduation by providing academic resources, student support services, mentor and leadership programs, and community engagement.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote unity among an underserved student population.
  2. To increase retention and graduation rates among members.
  3. To inspire leadership among students and provide peer to peer support
  4. To provide mentorship for bridging academic programs to successful career opportunities.
  5. To actively engage in community service and have a presence within surrounding areas.
  6. To provide scholarships and additional funding sources to assist with tuition, books, and fees.


Development Initiatives:

  1. Motivational and public speaking invitations
  2. Consistent mentor interaction
  3. Peer to peer leadership
  4. Academic tutoring participation
  5. On-campus faculty, staff, and administration support
  6. Community service projects
  7. Recognition awards and scholarship offerings



Men of Merit

Join the Men of Merit Sharepoint Group or our Canvas page for additional resources.

Our next meeting:

  • April 7, 2021 at 3 p.m.
  • Meeting ID: 847 7398 4453
  • Passcode: 031840

Join via Zoom

Mentors List

  • Nizar Ali, College & Career Pathways Faculty
  • Hussein Al Kinani, Mechatronics Instructor
  • Evyson Beasley, Web Content & New Media Manager
  • Gerald Bradford, Student Success Specialist / DOC
  • Roy Carroll, BAS Program Coordinator
  • Christopher Carter, Dean – Allied Health
  • Anthony Covington, Dean of Student Success
  • Batholomew Kimani, Precision Machining Faculty
  • Bradley Lee, Nursing Faculty
  • Steven McKinnon, Contemporary Business Administration Faculty
  • Wade Parrott III, Veterans Services Manager
  • Sidney Richards, Human Resources Manager – Talent Acquisition
  • Eugene Shen, Academic / Career Counselor
  • Tyrone Somerville, LRCC Director
  • Warren Takata, ITEC – Automotive Technology Faculty

If you're interested in working with a mentor, get started below:

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