Renton Technical College to be Included in Wave 2 of ctcLink

  • Published Friday, September 11, 2015

Renton Technical College will be included in Wave 2 of an statewide initiative to modernize community and technical colleges back office software systems. ctcLink is the implementation of a new, integrated technology foundation that will provide modern online services—anytime, anywhere—to all students, faculty, and staff at all of Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges.

Washington state’s community and technical colleges have shared back-office administrative systems for 30 years, but the software and functionality is both limited and outdated. That is why CTC sought out a new and more flexible information system to meet business and educational needs of each institution - both now and into the future.

Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ctcLink will replace aging legacy systems currently in use in colleges across the state. This includes replacing current Financial Management System (FMS), Student Management System (SMS) and Personnel/Payroll Management System (PPMS) with a set of interconnected software modules. The new system will allow us to streamline and standardize.

According to the ctclink project Website:

There are several issues with the new system that continue to make it extremely challenging for FirstLink colleges to assist incoming fall-quarter students. Due to the issues with the new system, all three colleges extended their tuition deadline for fall. Many of the problems related to admitting students, getting their ctcLink accounts activated, enrolling in courses and paying tuition have been resolved.

There are more glitches to fix, but there has been tremendous progress since Tuesday morning.  In total, 925 service tickets have been logged with the ctcLink Service desk and more than 75 percent of those are no longer open.   As of the evening of 9/2/2015, a total of 9,074 people at Spokane and Tacoma colleges have activated their ctcLink accounts and 7,121 of those are students.

In addition, colleges are starting to do other business in the system, such as purchasing, travel and time/leave reporting. The project team and colleges are now gearing up for the first payroll run in ctcLink as well.

Renton Technical College is included in Wave 2 of the project. FirstLink Colleges were the “Early Adopters.”  Wave 1 colleges will begin to make their transition next fiscal year (2016-17). Renton Technical College and other Wave 2 colleges are scheduled to go-live the following fiscal year (2017-18).   Wave 3 institutions are slated to transition during the 2018-19 fiscal year.

In anticipation of our migration, RTC personnel have already made great strides in data clean-up. As the college gets closer to the Wave 2 go-live date, it will hire a ctcLink Coordinator to manage day-to-day activities that will be required during the testing and migration process.
You can learn more about the ctcLink project, including FAQs, timeline, project planning, review backgrounders, and sign up for e-news updates here.