Being a Parent

Once your student begins attending Renton Technical College as a Running Start participant, the college considers him or her as a "regular" college student. This means that the college faculty and staff are unable to discuss your student's record, progress, or standing without written authorization from him or her. This policy accords with the Buckley Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and WA C Chapter 132j-164.

For a more detailed explanation of this policy, please consult Renton Technical College's catalog.

How to Be Successful
in College!

  • Make the choice to succeed!
  • Come to class Everyday!
  • Listen and take notes!
  • Come to class prepared!
  • Be an "Active" Learner!
  • Connect with fellow students!
  • Communicate with instructors!
  • Plan sufficient study time!
  • Know policies and Deadlines!
  • Respect Difference!
  • Speak up for yourself!