Things to Consider

You and your parents should give careful considerations to the appropriateness of this program before electing to participate. The decision to begin college early is an important one. It is important to consider each student's maturity level in making choices about educational options. Although a student may be academically prepared for college-level coursework, he/she may find the demands of college extremely overwhelming. Student success requires motivated individuals who work independently, take initiative, have good skills and are able to responsibly complete assignments throughout the quarter. Students are starting a permanent college transcript when they take any college classes. High school and college counselors are available to discuss the many options available.

Program Strengths:

  • If you find the traditional high school doesn't fit your career goals, you may flourish in a different educational setting.
  • You can earn up to two years of tuition-fee college credit, getting a head start on your career goal.
  • Students have the opportunity to take courses that may not be offered at their local high schools.
  • Academically prepared students have an opportunity to take advanced level courses.
  • Students have an opportunity to experience post-secondary education while in high school. This experience may be helpful in making the transition form home to college, and in making future educational plans.
  • Students will have the opportunity to take more diverse elective classes than provided at your high school.
  • In college, high students gain maturity and knowledge from the participation and diversity of other college students.

Possible Concerns:

  • Social experiences at Renton Technical will not be the same as those at high school. The social network is very different, and you will interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences as well as age groups.
  • The college operates on a quarter system, while most high schools operate on semesters. Holidays and vacation periods are frequently different. Students are expected to attend classes at the college even though their high schools may not be in session. Careful planning must occur in order to avoid conflicts with family and school activities.
  • Books and supplies are the responsibility of the student. Transportation is also the responsibility of the student. Public transportation is available through metro, and we encourage you to use that option or carpool.
  • The high school is the final authority on high school graduation requirements. It is important to work closely with a high school counselor to insure that you are meeting all your graduation requirements.