Frequently Asked Questions About Student Email

Q: How can I check for sure that I have been assigned a student e-mail address and what it is?

A: Students can check online to confirm their student e-mail address:

  1. Visit Student Online Services
  2. Select My Contact Info
  3. Login with your STUDENT ID and PIN
  4. View Your Email Address

Q: Middle Names: What if I don’t have a middle name or initial?

A: Your username will be comprised of the first initial of your first name and your full last name

Q: Duplicates: What if I have a common last name and the username already exists?

A: In the event of duplicate usernames, a two digit number will be automatically generated and added to the end of the last name. If a student’s name is Mary Ellen Smith and another student’s name is Michael Edward Smith, both would have a username of mesmith. In that case, subsequent usernames will have 2 digit numbers at the end of their last name. These numbers are randomly generated; and do not represent any sequential order nor are they associated with any other numbers or codes in a student’s profile.


Q: Changes: Can I change my username to one that I like?

A: Not at this time – if there is an error or omission, see below

Q: Errors and Omissions: What if I find an error or think the e-mail address created is incorrect?

A: Usernames in student email accounts are automatically generated from the data on file in student records. We make every attempt to correct potential errors, but if you think there is a problem of some kind, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact the Student Support Desk at 425-235-2282 or with an email to